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iPhone 7s, 7s Plus & iPhone 8 leaked Reports shows Release Date, Ram Options, and iPhone 6C

After witnessing the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 from Samsung, we are really eager to know on how the next iPhone would far against the new Note 8 and the upcoming Pixels. It is very sure that Apple has to actually innovate this time and really bring a phone which could make us go bonkers. Not too sure about whether it is going to make us go bonkers for the bad reason because the recent leaks that MacRumors have got for you actually point out to some new variants for the iPhone 8 with a burning hot 512 GB variant along with the usual 256 GB variant coupled up with a mere 3 GB RAM.Furthermore, we have the dummy unit photos or the live photos of the iPhone 7s and the iPhone 7s Plus which are sporting the rumored copper gold color which is also expected to be called the Blush Gold with a very unusual and unlikely true rumor of the possibility of an iPhone 6C.

Apple iPhone 7

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Ram Options For iPhone 8, 7s Plus And 7s

According to the recent reports, the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 7s will sport 3 GB RAM as said earlier and the normal iPhone 7s will be sporting 2 GB RAM.The increased RAM can help the iPhone 8 to have some AR features and some upgraded camera features as well.

According to the reports released by Mobilenet which includes some images of the iPhone 7s, the iPhone 7s Plus, and the iPhone 8 scream the same story as we have seen in the previous leaks which are the Copper Gold or the Blush Gold variant.Seems like apple is testing a lot with the colors and we can see iPhones in different colors and maybe in different price range and different storage configurations.The iPhone 7s is seen sporting a single camera and the 7s Plus is seen sporting a Dual-Setup vertically for AR purposes.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus

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iPhone 7 And iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 6C

Talking about the iPhone 6C, Apple may announce an iPhone 5C successor which will be released alongside the other three high-end iPhones.We can see the different no of “solid” colors that apple is trying to launch with it and it is highly unlikely that a phone of this sort would be launched at the event but you never know.My suggestion is to take it with a grain of salt.

The event is rumored to be happening on the 12th of September and the pre-orders starting from 15th of September with the sale to begin on the 22nd of September.The iPhone 8 is said to be the star of the show with expected features like better waterproofing, 3D sensor cameras, OLED displays and a lot more.

Pictures Source: mobilenet.cz