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Huawei Making Foldable Smartphone To Compete With Galaxy X in 2018

Did you ever think of a foldable smartphone so that it can easily fit in your pockets? The following news may excite you because some of the tech news sources claiming that Huawei mobiles have been working on a foldable smartphone for a while and very soon they’re going to unveil the foldable smartphone specifications and price.

A few days ago Huawei added a new line of smartphone models in Mate series such as Huawei Mate 10, Huawei Mate 10 Pro and Huawei Mate 10 Porsche edition smartphones. Mate series mobiles are recording a good number of sales in the worldwide market and also Huawei has maintained brand throughout the world with their best flagship smartphones.

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Huawei Foldable Smartphone

The CEO of Huawei technologies Richard Yu has confirmed to CNET that, the company has been developing a foldable smartphone for a while and he also claimed that we do have a real prototype of the foldable smartphone. However there are more improvements should be done in the areas of mechanical design, better flexibility and adaptive battery technology.

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However ZTE has already launched a prototype of foldable smartphone recently which is ZTE Axon M, the all-new foldable phone from ZTE has surprised the entire world with a foldable smartphone which consists of two displays that come together makes a single large 6.75 inches screen. ZTE Axon M smartphone comes with advanced flagship hardware configurations but the only thing which is a minus in Axon M smartphone is that there is noticeable screen gap in the middle of both screens which makes users experience bad.

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So to eliminate the minus points which are seen in other foldable Dual-Screen smartphone’s, Huawei is developed a full-length dual display screen so that there will be no gap between two screens when the device is unfolded. This is the main reason Huawei has been delaying the launch of the foldable smartphone so that they can get rid of the existing issues with present foldable smartphones.

We also know that Samsung is planning to launch Dual foldable display smartphone called Samsung Galaxy X which is expected to launch in next year and but no one expected that Huawei is also developing a foldable smartphone to compete with the big brands.

At present no one knows about complete details about Huawei flexible smartphone we’ll have to wait few more months to expect further specifications from Huawei Company itself. However the idea of developing flexible smartphone is great we should appreciate this, look at the design it’s so attractive and users are so much excited experience the foldable smartphone, so let’s wait for few more months we’ll come up with complete details and stay tuned to our website for further details.

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