Galaxy X foldable Foldable Smartphone Prototype

Samsung Accidentally Confirms Galaxy X Foldable Smartphone

Unless you live under a rock you are well aware of the news that it’s the era of foldable smartphones with the ZTE Axon M launched weeks ago its known to the world that its time to upgrade. Samsung had already hinted towards the first ever foldable smartphone which will be launched in 2018. The Galaxy X foldable smartphone build up project is said to be codenamed Project Valley and we were able to get a good glance at the leaks and renders since the past year.

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Samsung Accidentally Confirms Galaxy X Foldable Smartphone

The leaks mention that the device will allegedly be a part of the Note series and will join the bandwagon of the device, it’ll most probably be named Galaxy X or Galaxy X1. Samsung’s support page reportedly leaked the model number of the above-mentioned device, the model number is listed on the official website as SM-G888NO.

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Galaxy X foldable

The model number SM-G888NO was surprisingly spotted at South Korea’s Radio Agency for certification of Bluetooth and WiFi. The weird thing about this certifications was that it revealed a device which is said to be running on the outdated Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow and Bluetooth 4.1 period

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Galaxy X may also follow the footsteps of ZTE Axon M and make a two displayed device instead of a completely foldable device. The two displayed device is mostly supported by a hinge in between.

Since its the early days of rumours, nothing else has been leaked about the Galaxy X apart from the model number. According to reports, the model number mentioned above is most probably a foldable and bendable device which will be unveiled in 2018 at the CES event. As far as Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ are concerned it is expected to launch in 2018 MWC event.We will be getting more legit information in the following days about the alleged Galaxy X and X1.


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