After Apple introducing the notch on the iPhone X display, numerous Android brands have tried replicating the same in their smartphones. The new style of display is now often referred to as “Notch Display” Fancy enough. While the brands are busy replicating Apple, Apple has been actively working on their new iPhone X Successor launch this 2018 fall. Numerous reports on the internet say that the company would be launching three models of the iPhone later this year.

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The Models Of iPhone X Successor:

  1. a 6.5-inch OLED iPhone
  2. a 6.1-inch LCD iPhone (Massive Price Cut)
  3. a 5.8-inch OLED iPhone

Apple is said to have been working on bringing out the LCD iPhone X Successor of the iPhone 8 which will also be $200 (Rs. 13,390) cheaper than the primary two iPhone 8 variants.

An Appleinsider from an investment firm reported that the company is going to be launching an LCD model of the iPhone 8 variants which would be $200 cheaper than the OLED variant and would also ship on the same day.

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An analyst, Jun Zhang confirms that there would be three iPhones launching this fall and that Apple may produce close to Sixty-Million LCD iPhone units, while 28 Million units of the 5.8-inch OLED model and around 22 Million for the 6.5-inch units OLED units.

It is calculated that if the LED model is being sold for $200 cheaper, Apple is doing some serious quality-price cut-down.

Reports say that if Apple used an LCD screen instead of the OLED, it is straight saving $50 per unit and close to $20 if altered with the steel frame of the device and changing it to some other material may be (reminds me of the iPhone 5C).

There would/might also be other various cost-cutting factors involved. For example, using just a single rear camera or using a cheaper material for material around the radios inside the device.

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Some reports even say that the company might have to give up on highly key-centric features like the Force Touch (commonly known as 3D Touch) in order to strike balance with the cost-cutting and the quality.

Sources say,

We believe the LCD model is being positioned to be priced more aggressively – in the $799 (roughly Rs. 53,400) range.” It states that the pricing strategy will help push iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s users to upgrade to the “iPhone 8S or the ‘Jaguar’ model.

A prior report to this also says that the 2018 iPhone lineup would start with a bump of $700+ for the 6.1-inch LCD variant and close to $899 for the 5.8-inch OLED model.

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We also have confirmed the news that the iPhone X Plus, that’d hold a massive 6.5-inch screen would start at a whopping $999.

Speaking design, the LCD iPhone would come with Apple’s signature “Notch Display” but this time around, it would also have the chin due to the lack of “LCD screen technology”.

Various reports also highlight that the so-called “porsche” model may come to the lineup with “Significant Design Alterations”. Although, the fancy named “Rolls-Royce” model would be the flagship that would be available at a premium price tag (would also support dual-SIM support and stylus functionality).

They have also been actively working on water resistance although the iPhone X and 8 lineups can take light splashes and can be submerged up to 1 meter for around 30 minutes due to its IP67 rating.

Source: AppleInsider

Picture Source: iOS Authority





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