As the announcement of the iPhone X was made by Apple, they have gone a lot further with the advancement in mobile technology. After the latest developing trend of a “notch” display and also the completely bezel-less design, various smartphone giants have been running after these advancements and are trying to make their product compete with other brands.Again the launch of Xiaomi Mi 7 is pushed to Q3 and this time it will be having new technological advancements.

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While Apple has its good own lead in the 3D Facial Unlock feature that it announced in their keynote, no other smartphone brand has been successful to incorporate the exact type of security- the 3D Facial Recognition.

About Xiaomi Mi 7 Launch

Xiaomi’s Mi 7 is a smartphone in works by the smartphone leader Xiaomi and was set to launch early this year, 2018. Although, due to various software-hardware mismatch issues, the launch has been delayed to the 3rd quarter of the year or maybe even a little after that.

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Xiaomi has plans on bringing out this particular smartphone with the best 3D Recognition Unlock and like other brands, Xiaomi has seemed to focus hard on making Facial Recognition as easy and safe to use.

Brands like OnePlus have very effectively inherited facial unlock into their latest flagship OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T but have not yet been able to come up with the 3D mechanism to replace the feature with.

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It was rumoured and at some point, even claimed that Huawei or Samsung was to be the first in the line of Android smartphone production to bring in the 3D facial recognition feature to their in-house chipsets but this has not been the case.

As a matter of fact, Samsung is sure to bring the 3D Facial Technology with the launch of its next smartphone in the S series, that is, with the Galaxy S10. After a lot of testing with the Android framework, the theory has come up that the feature is only supported on the flagship Snapdragon 845 system-on-chip.

Although the Chinese smartphone giant, Huawei has brought in highly sophisticated and amazing features like the AI and 3D facial sensing capabilities with its latest flagship P20, it has not been able to fuse the feature so well with the hardware.

After all the smartphone companies running about how to adapt to the latest smartphone features/trends, a report claims that there would be over 1 Billion smartphones by the year 2020 that would be equipped with the 3D facial unlock technology.

The main bottom-line mission of all the smartphone brands these days is to make the smartphone as easy and convenient for the user to operate.

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