Sunday, September 20, 2020
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Microsoft’s Cortana voice assistant is now on Android



Microsoft’s Cortana voice assistant is now on Android and is now a lot more powerful. With the latest update, users can call up the voice assistant by speaking “Hey Cortana.”

The option requires that a phone is unlocked, however, making it slightly less useful than some smartphones that support Google Now with the screen off.Once Cortana is active, you can ask her to schedule appointments, set an alarm, check sports scores, ask about the weather and many more things you prefer . She is also very powerful on Windows 10 computer, which has Cortana built into the desktop and in the Edge Web browser too.

The feature is available in the latest beta version of Cortana for Android according to Windows Central, so make sure you download the latest software and give it a try.

Before the beta version was working only in U.S now you can use any where.

source : windows central