Rumors from Samsung preparing to unleash a enormous 18.4-inch tablet have been surfing on the web since back in August.They’re simply one of the few device makers who actually has the cash flow to continue throwing devices of all sizes against the wall to see what will stick and samsung is one of them.

This 18.4-inch tablet was initially only in the testing phase, it seems things are progressing nicely. People at SamMobile have what appears to be a product video showcasing the new tablet. According to the leaked images, the tablet could launch as the Samsung Galaxy View. Pretty fitting considering the whole point of the large tablet is to give users a better view of whatever they’re doing on the device. The tablet is so big it even features its own kickstand with a handle to make sure you have a firm grip on it. Probably equally as interesting is it seems to be the first Samsung device in a long time to ditch the traditional physical home button in favour of on-screen nav buttons.