Hey guys whazzup I am back with top 5 android apps of this month these apps will be useful to you in your daily use.

Here are the top 5 android apps which we are going to check out If you want to check out the earlier videos in the series the link will be available in the description And checks out the I button in the top right corner of the screen.

Apps showed in this video :

1.Desaturate: 00:28

2.Notifly : 00:59

3.Wallmax: 01:30

4.Mr.Phone: 01:58

5.Material Apps Showcase : 02:31

1.Desaturate :

Here is the Desaturate app where we will get all the icon packs and wallpapers in this app and when you go through the app there are 1500 icon  and more than 150 wallpapers in it and by this you can tell that there is so much power to the users to customize the apps icons and  there wallpapers.In the app the icons and the wallpaper are really cool and they maintain good and neat look on the phone.

2.Notifly  :

Notifly this app is all about notifying your notification from messenger apps like Gmail, hangouts,Facebook messenger,Skype,twitter and whatsapp and this is how the app works when ever you get a message from these apps you will get notification from notifly and you can send in the message from the pop up of the notiflys and this app makes it simple and easy to use messenger apps and in the settings you can customize  much more to your needs.

3.wallmax :

Next app on the  list is wallmax it is a wallpaper app where you can get a ton of cool wallpapers and here there is no stop for landscape wallpapers and the resolution of the wallpapers are really good and you can use your Google account to use various wallpapers on different phones in this app and tags will help you to find your favourite wallpapers in this app

4.Mr.phone :

If you are a person like me who is much into phones and who wants to know all the latest news of what’s happening in the mobile sector you can download this app it is Mr.phone where you can get all the latest news of launch events and specifications of the phone and you can have a look at new releases, popular phones, stories of what’s happening in the tech world and much more in this app.In this app you can also have a look at brands and there series of devices

5.material apps :

This app will allow you to download apps which are made up with material design and there are many options out there to check out apps which are new 50 apps, trending apps, top 50 Apps and here you can discover many apps of your choice and you can even share this app.It is a different way  to check out apps when ever you want to use them.

Source : youtube.com , Techno Now