Hey guys whazzup I am back with top 5 android apps of this month these apps will be useful to you in your daily use

Here are the top 5 android apps which we are going to check out If you want to see the earlier videos in the series the link will be available in the description And also check out the I button in the top right corner of the screen

  1. Chrooma keyboard : Chrooma keyboard this app makes your texting much more stylish and easier and this app has recently got updated and has some new Emojis and themes in it and I like this app because it shows variation in keyboard for every app you open and you have a lot of scope in customizing the keyboard you need to check out this app at least once.
  2. 1.app swap : app swap is a floating app drawer for your device where you can use it like a second app drawer and to use this app you need a gesture for opening the app drawer on s7 edge you need to swipe up your finger on the edge screen so that you can open the app drawer and there are many cool things like you can find your app using its icon color and when you swipe left and right to the app drawer it takes to google cards and google play store and you can customize much more in this app and the menu makes it more clear to use your apps.
  3. power tools : power tools this app allows you do many things like app lock, it has battery saving mode and it even records your calls and blocks your incoming calls also and it has a bunch of different options in it and in the preferences you can setup many things and it is a must have application  on your device.
  4.    4.minimalize : the next app which we are going to check out is minimalisze it is a wallpaper app and it has many material wallpapers in it and you will find no issue in using wallpapers because  you are going to get every wallpaper in high resolution and the app gets refreshed every single week with new wallpapers  and this is really good you need to try to this app
  5. Swiftly switch : the last app on the list is Swiftly switch this app allows you to use edge screen feature on your device after the setup there is a line on the screen which will help you bring apps on your homescreen and you just need to pull the line across the screen then  you will be able to find your apps and this makes it much more convenient to use your apps on the device long pressing on the app will take to shortcut setting where you can add your apps , actions, contact  and shortcuts and this makes it really easy to use the app

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