Hey guys whazzup I am back with top 5 android apps of this month these apps will be useful to you in your daily use

Here are the top 5 android apps which we are going to check out If you want to check out the earlier videos in the series the link will be available in the description And checks out the I button in the top right corner of the screen

1.Prisma : Prisma this app is getting a lot of attention from teenagers because it has so many filters which are really powerful and brings a good amount of details to the picture has the filter is added to it now has see you see here the the app takes a lot of time in Applying the filter this is because the amount you will be getting from each filter to your photo is really cool you need to check out this app at least once.

2.Taskbar : next app is task bar which looks like a start menu from windows but it helps you in switching the apps really fast and it has an app tray icon and a list of recently used apps in the corner of your screen and using this app is very much easier and it floats in top of any app which you r using

3.hexlock app : hexlock is a security app for your apps and it actual locks your apps for work, home, and whenever you want to open the app hexlock will ask to enter your pattern or the Fingerprint this app makes your apps much more secure and it will not allow any one others to use the apps which are looked overall this a good security app

4.circleside bar : circle side bar this app will allow you to use your frequently used apps and it comes in a circle on sides of the screen indirectly it acts like an edge screen but not has good has the edge screen feature on the s7 edge and helps you to switch apps really fast and you can customize the app icon and trigger side and much more in this app must check out at least  once

5. Walloid  :last app on the list is wallmax and this is a cool wallpaper app where you can find wallpapers in HD and QHD and these wallpapers are from different oems stock roms  and custom roms now explaining this in simple words when ever a new smartphone is released it comes out with good set of wallpapers  so to get them warlord helps you easily to download and share the wallpapers and this app updates as soon as new phones come out in the market need to try out this app.

So guys here are the Top 5 Android Apps Of The Month ( August 2016 ) 😀

Source : YouTube.com , Techno Now

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