Hey guys whazzup I am back with top 5 android apps of this month these apps will be useful to you in your daily use

Here are the top 5 android apps which we are going to check out the if you want to see the earlier videos in the series the link will be available in the description And also check out the I button in the top right corner of the screen

1.Google Allo: Allo is a new messenger  app from Google and it is the take on a whatsapp, Facebook messenger and many more apps.I was using this app for couple of days and I really  like this app because of the google assistant which is very much accurate and if you are using this app you can message to people for free cost who don’t have this app now having a closer look at this app if you get a message then Allo tries to give out options to reply which are very much useful, the incognito mode in this app is be very much end to end encrypted but it expires after the given amount of time.

2.Lookout: Next app on the list is lookout security this app has both free version and a premium version but now we will have a look on the free version here we will get three options which are security, back up and missing device the security feature will scan all your apps and it will find if there are any possible threats which may occur to your phone next is backup here it backups all your contacts in the device and the last one  is missing device  which will help you to find your phone when it is lost

3.All-in-one Toolbox : All-in-one Toolbox  app helps to keep your device clean , neat and simple you can clear all our your  junk folders or cache in the device next is speed Booster which tries to stop the unnecessary apps  which are running in the back ground and the last one from this app is cpu cooler which tries to cool down the CPU of your device try out this app at least once

4.Wallrey: Wallrey is a powerful wallpaper app which has 10,000 wallpapers stated by the developers of this app and having a look at them you can tell they are really nice and the wallpapers will suit your homescreen and there are 6 categories where each one has thousands of wallpapers go try out the app yourself.

5.Colombo Browser: last app is Colombo browser which is very much faster and the browser is easy to use and the UI is done very well in this app saving bookmarks is very much easier and the interface tries to change colors according to the webpage.

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A lot of good apps have releases recently and in this video I have brought 5 of those. These apps are useful as they provide great features.

These are five of the best Android apps I’ve been using on a daily basis for the last month or so. If your’e hungry for apps, we’ve got your fix.

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Here are the top 5 Android Apps of the month ( September 2016 )

Source : YouTube.com , Techno Now