Here are the top 5 android apps which we are going to check out the if you want to see the earlier videos in the series the link will be available in the description And also check out the I button in the top right corner of the screen

1.Legend : first app on the list is Legend and this app is really useful to all new  upcoming youtubers who want a minimal intro or outro for their videos with the help of this app you can make some good intros for your video so now opening up the app it asks you to type the text which you want to put has an intro i have put in my channel name after typing the name , click on play so you will be given some options now go through the options and make a good intro for your channel.

2.Hermit : Hermit this app will help you in saving storage for your device by making a lite version for all your apps and this app has a custom web browser which is nice and it will save a lot of storage while using this app you will also get know that the app is really quick.

3.cuto : cuto is a powerful wallpaper app and the app is really simple to navigate there are no categories in this app but you may get a ton a cool looking wallpapers for your device .the app gets updated every week with a lot wallpapers so go try out the app yourself

4.Energy bar : Energy bar is a customisation option for your device where it shows you the battery percentage in a colour bar on top of your Device which makes it really simple  to know your battery percentage this app comes into handy when you are not able to  know about your battery percentage of your device

5.snap swipe bar : last app on the list is snap swipe bar and this app allows you setup widgets in a status bar which is a really nice idea and you won’t see your widgets cluttering around your home screen one you swipe from the top you will find these widgets but you need to swipe it from right side of your home screen so that can check your widgets.

These are the Top 5 Android Apps if this month