Here the Samsung Galaxy s7 edge which I am having is an exynos variant and the model number is SM-G93FD

Now you need to follow these simple steps to update your Samsung Galaxy s7 edge to android nougat 7.0

  1. firstly you need to go to settings and scroll down to the lock screen and security now click on secure startup here we need to set up a pin because while downloading android nougat on your device the data will be erased so to make everything secure
  2. Now backup all your data using samsung smart switch because this process will erase all your data on the device
  3. We are now all set to install android nougat on the device first we need to power off the device and we need to start phone in the download mode and we can do that by pressing the volume down , home and the power button at the same time
  4. Now has the  phone gets into the download mode here , we have the folders which are required where one of them has four files and the other folder has the software which is Odin now you require this software to flash android nougat on your device
  5. Here we have the s7 edge which is in the download mode now let’s connect the phone to your pc now has we have connected the USB wire you will see a blue box  in the software
  6. Now in the software we have four options first we need to select BL and select the file name which is starting with BL and now you need the  same thing for other three files which you have downloaded
  7. After entering all the files in the respective boxes now let’s once check the options in the software here we need to make sure that auto reboot and f-rest is ticked
  8. We have done everything just click on the start in the software the process will take around 5 minutes
  9. The software gives you a message has pass and here we can see the device boot up and it is erasing all the data

I’m not responsible for any damage that occurs to your device,try it at your own risk!

Only for “Exynos” Models!

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Source : , Techno Now