Hey guys whazzup I am back with top 5 android apps of this month these apps will be useful to you in your daily use.

1.chrome canary : First app on the list is chrome canary and  it is an unstable build of the google chrome browser has you all know we can find many chrome versions in the play store but chrome canary is an unstable build so you may come across some bugs, here browsing was really smooth and you can even find articles which are suggested by the chrome canary which is really nice.

2.Ivy quick panel : The Ivy quick panel is one the best sidebar apps we can set the panel to the edge and by swiping from the edge you will find apps and contacts here you can find some widgets by clicking on the widget icon and you  even have a vertical app drawer by clicking on the app tray and this app supports different icon packs too.

3.Blurrd : blurrd  is a wallpaper  app this app has very less wallpapers but the cool thing is that these wallpapers are dimmed and blurred to make your apps and widgets pop up on your home screen.

4.Betternet : Betternet is a vpn app or otherwise called as  virtual private network here it tries to create a  private network so that your browsing can be in private this app Comes in to handy when you want to open a website which is restricted on your network.

5 Frame  : last app ON THE list is frame and this is also a wallpaper app here the app is really stunning and the UI is really good we have three sections in this app first one is photo of the day next is popular third is featured when you click on a wallpaper  we have three options download, share and wallpaper this app has a lot of wallpapers and they are really stunning do check out this app

Source : YouTube.com , Techno Now