Here is the DJI Osmo Mobile which helps you to use your phone’s camera to take stabilised video. 

let’s jump into the box here the box looks pretty simple and packing is decent. Pulling out the box we can see that there are paperwork and next to it is Battery which is a 980 mAh battery and next to it is a charging cable which is having a headphone jack to charge the OSMO Mobile and on the other side of the box we can find the carrying case and it is water resistant . The last one I the box is the OSMO Mobile itself and it looks pretty neat and the top mount is not removable.

Having a look at the phone holder it looks and feels to be high quality and it can carry phones up to 2.31 to 3.34 inches wide and place your phone in the holder is really simple at the back we have a screw which is really easy to use and gives the good grip to your device.


osmo mobile 1


Now it is time to balance your phone it is very much simple you will have a horizontal axis which you need move it around left or to right depending which phone you use and adjust the counterweight for the device.

After turning on your DJI OSMO mobile you need to connect it with the DJI Go app on your device with Bluetooth and setting up the app is very much simple you just need to sign in and you will get an update just do it.

Here we have a power button and a video recording button and a camera shutter button and here is joystick which helps you to pan around on the back side is a trigger button which can get you to follow mode with single click, double click will realign the OSMO mobile and triple click will get you to selfie mode. 

The DJI Go app will be very useful to shoot video and going through the app we can find that we can get lot of video options such has standard, slow motion, time lapse and M-time lapse ,we can also get the complete manual control and we can also do a lives stream from the app to facebook live , YouTube and other services now going into advanced settings we can get complete control over the gimbal.

The camera quality will be depended on which smartphone you use and the DJI Go app will help you to shoot smooth video.

Overall OSMO mobile is an advanced gimbal for your smartphone But I need to test out the device itself in various conditions so stay tuned for my review on DJI Osmo Mobile.

So Guys there you go here is the video of  DJI Osmo Mobile What do you think about this Gimbal

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