Robox which is a product which helps out students to build mechanisms and understand science ,technology  , engineering and mathematics concepts easily. Now let’s do the Robox Unboxing and Review

I found this product on and bought it immediately and if you want to have a look at this product the link will be available  in the description  below.

Robox :

Let’s jump into the box here the box look pretty simple  . Opening the box we can see that there is a Robox roadmap ,and  we will have a user manual which you need to go through so that you can set up the blocks to construct any mechanism you want.

Now let me show you all the parts which are given to you in the box

Firstly, here is the robo brain, which is a programmable circuit unit that add intelligence to the mechanical structure  on this robo brain you will find sensor port , motor ports and power ports , and on the top are the LED lights.In the box there are two DC motor blocks

The sprockets and gear help the mechanism to move side wards

There are two sensors in this box and both of them are IR sensors

This is a battery block and it comes with 6 triple AAA battery’s and this battery block can be connected anywhere in the mechanism

Robox Unboxing & Review

The wheels help the mechanism to move in any direction and here we have got two wheels in the box

Base blocks are really important because the whole mechanism is made up on these blocks and there are four base blocks

The extension blocks helps the mechanism to build up easily and the blocks are of three sizes which are 30 , 50 and 70 mm size blocks

These are the different types of connectors in the box and they help in connecting the important blocks in the mechanism.

There is only one ball caster, including box and this will help you move the mechanism in any direction.

Last in the box are the cables and these the are all types of cables which help in building up the mechanism.

These mechanisms are very much easy to build with the software which is called has robo guru and this software helps us to program the robo brain.

Although there are endless possibilities to build mechanisms using robox, they have given detailed picture wise instructions for 5 projects , out of which the robotic arm has caught my attention, lets try to build one.

Now using these components and the software I have made up a mechanism which has taken me a lot of time to run the code and build the mechanism and it this robotic arm which I have built up and now let’s see how does it work.

Here on the robo brain, there are buttons which are S1 , S2 , S3 and S4 and these help the robo brain to move and drop anything has you have seen here  S1 helps to move the Arm to the right and S2 moves the arm to the left and S4 release the arm and S3 closes the arm.

So you can also build up to 5 types of mechanism with the help of the blocks which are given in the box .

On the overall it is will be useful to the people who are interested in this type of coding and building up mechanisms and students will also experience new ways to learn the subject  and to enhance their programming skills at a young age.