Here are the top 3 android launchers which we are going to check out If you want to see a clear video of how do these launchers customize your phone click on the picture or if you want to have a look at the series the link will be available below

1.ADW Launcher 2: 00:28

2.Ap15Launcher : 01:12

3.UR Launcher: 01:51

So, guys has I asked you in the video about the next month 3 launchers so comment down below what launchers you would suggest me to shown in the next video.

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 1.ADW launcher 2:

The first launcher on the list is ADW  launcher 2  and this launcher is new and improved launcher from ADW launcher 1 which was really nice and most of them used it in their smartphone and now ADW launcher 2 is updated with the current nougat features and the launcher is very much simple and easy to use and there are a ton of customization options in this launcher. Next, we are going to talk about various themes, wallpapers and effects and you find these all by long pressing on the home screen and looking at the variety of themes and wallpapers makes this launcher really useful. Now,  having a look at the app drawer it looks more like a vertical app drawer in android Nougat and with the help of ADW settings in this launcher you can customize gestures, icon packs, App drawer and much more. Do check out this launcher at least once.

2.Ap15 Launcher:

Ap15 Launcher and this launcher is really simple and very much easy to use by every android user and this launcher does not have app icons or an app drawer to go to your apps but simply you can find the text which is there on the home screen. By just clicking on the text, it will take you to the app and most frequently used apps are shown in bigger font and you can scroll through the home screen to find your apps, but the customization in this app is limited and you can find them by a long press on the home screen and you need to go to preferences here you will find color, size, font and wallpaper image. Here in this launcher, you can even hide apps just like this. Try out this interesting launcher.

3.UR launcher:

The last launcher is UR Launcher and the launcher adapts to your mood and this means we can create different profiles for different moods you can customize the mood by adding your preferred  app, widgets and wallpapers in this launcher and customization options are really nice and has you click on UR moods it will show user moods and stock moods, but the stock moods really suit my taste and by clicking  on the moods you can customize them in depth and now go to wallpapers you will find a huge range of options and you can use different icon packs, but you need to download them  and coming back to the home screen by swiping to the left you will find quick toggles, recent apps, and the custom app list.You need to try this launcher at least for its customization options.

ADW launcher is our go-to Android launcher, but Ap15 launcher and UR launcher are also great options. What are some of your favorite launchers?

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