Here are the top 5 Android apps of this month which we are going to check out the if you want to see the earlier apps or videos in the series, click the source link which will be available below the article.

Top 5 Android Apps Of The Month ( March 2017 )-2

1.Donald Trump Draws:

The first app on the list is Donald Trump draws, and this app is really funny, and at the same time it is really cool, and I am pretty much sure  that while scrolling through your news feeds you may have come across these memes so creating these memes are really simple in the app you will be given two Pages. On these pages you can add pictures, you can even scribble on the pages, and you can type anything of your choice, and after completing these two pages you need to click on the tick button, and there will be given two options and select any one of your choices.Here you can save the gif, or you can share it with your friends.Do try out this hilarious app.


The second app on the list is Cornerfly and this app will make your display look similar to the LG G6′ s display which has elegant corners and makes yours display to have curved corners similar to the LG G6 and now setting up the app is simple just download the app from the link in the description next you need to grant permission for the app, and you are all set you can see the curved corners on your display but this is the free version so you can setup the size of the corners till 12, and I feel that it is enough for your device. Do check out this app.

3.Touch Circle:

Touch circle is a live wallpaper app, and this wallpaper can display the time, date and the motto, and at last you can also have a symbol, and you can even change the symbol by double tapping on the circle and you will be given a lot of options to go through.You can even change the background of the wallpaper in the app.You have been given options to customize the wallpaper here we can change the color and shapes of the background, in Layout we can adjust the clock, next to Content we will get all details which are there on the clock and there are many types of gestures you can choose to set up the circle. Check out this app at least once.

4.Long screen shot:

Next up we have got long screenshot, and by the name we can say that this app takes a long screenshot and if you want to take any screenshot just click on the plus icon and go to the web page where you want to take a long screen shot and now click on play and start scrolling through the web page after you have completed just click on the stop button and it will re-direct you to the app where the screenshot will be saved. The pictures come to be decent.Do try this interesting app

5.Curious Facts:

The last app on the list is curious facts, and this app has a lot of facts which you probably didn’t know.Now long pressing on the fact we have got the option to verify the fact and the app verifies the fact by a Google search, you can even share the facts or add has your favorites, and overall it is a good place to gain some knowledge.

Source:, Techno Now