These are the five iPhone Tricks which you were not aware of, and these tricks are amazing so let’s jump into the video.


1.Check signal strength:

The first, trick is that if you have ever seen your signal strength on your device, you might have noticed that it may increase in some areas and decrease in some other areas. But if you want to know the actual signal strength in your area or in a remote location, you can do that, by entering into field test mode on your device and to open field test mode. Firstly, you need to your dialer and enter *3001#12345#*, and immediately you can see the field test, and on the top. It shows the signal strength in numbers, and your signal strength should be between negative 40 to negative 140, where negative 40 is a best to signal strength, and negative 140 indicates no signal.

2.Secret Emojis:

Now, I am going to show you how we enable secret Emojis on your device which looks a lot different from your daily used Emojis on your ios keyboard. So to allow the these Emojis you need to go to settings then scroll down to the keyboard and click on the add new keyboard and add Japanese keyboard, now open Japanese keyboard and click on Kana then hit done. Come back to your notes app and click on the globe icon and go to Japanese keyboard and tap on the face icon which is on the keyboard and there you go we can find a lot of Emojis, and these look a lot more different than your daily used emojis.

3.Magnifier in iPhone:

The next trick is a magnifier, and this would help out a lot of older people who find hard in reading smaller font so to enable magnifier. Go to settings and hit general and then go to accessibility, and you will find magnifier just turn it on, and it can be enabled by triple click on the home button. You will get a camera app like this, and you can slide over the bar to magnify, and it really comes in handy for everyone.

4.Play YouTube Audio In Background:

This trick is the simplest trick in the list if you want to hear music from YouTube with your screen locked, just open Safari and then go to and search for any video or song you want to hear in the background. Now I am going to play a song from ncs, and then if we hit the home button the song stops to play so now swipe up from the bottom and hit play there you go now you can hear music with your screen locked or while going through any other app on your iPhone.

5.Battery Doctor:

The Last, trick will help you to clean a lot of cache files on your device so to clean these files you need to download the app which is called has battery doctor. Actually, this app focuses on battery, but it has a hidden feature, and I will show you how to activate it. Just open the app and has the loading is completed double tap on the free space next exit out the app and kill it in the app switcher and open up the app, and you will find the junk tab there you go now can free up a lot of space on your device.

Source:, Techno Now