GoPro has always been the first person videographer’s fantasy. Enthusiasts have said that there’s no better first-person action camera present in the market that’s as equivalent as GoPro. And now, there’s another BIG reason why GoPro is to be loved more. GoPro has introduced it’s new spherical Fusion Camera. Which, is capable of capturing videos at 360° field of view and go up to the resolution of 5.2K. Yes, no jokes with the resolution, the camera also shoots videos at 30 fps(Frames per second).

The GoPro fusion works like any other GoPro camera.- meaning, you can strap it around your body, screw it to your helmet and cruise your adventures but there’s something more the company was majorly excited to unveil. They call it the “OverCapture” feature.

GoPro, at the press event, said:

This feature lets you record in all directions and then choose the composition and angle you want for your shot during post-production, thus granting you more creative freedom when creating fixed-perspective video and high-quality still images.

GoPro’s new Fusion announcement came just right about the corner of Facebook’s new x24 and x6 cameras, the target audience of both the companies have been in great difference. With the cameras launched by Facebook, Facebook has kept in mind the needs of a filmmaker working on sets whereas GoPro is being all classy by targeting it’s ever so targeted audience, the adventurers.

A few such sports heads were expecting a little more out of the Fusion. Apart from the head blasting resolution of 5.2K, they also wished if the GoPro was able to shoot at 60fps upgrading from 30fps. But we never know, GoPro may have been working on something similar. But for now, we get 30fps as the video frames per second.

The company is currently on with the “pilot program for the Fission” and that people who want to enroll in testing the product, can submit their applications on the Pilot Program Website. About the availability and pricing, GoPro Fusion’s availability will be announced later this year and that, they will be shipping the cameras by the end of 2017.