From the recent reports, social messaging platform Whatsapp Introducing Digital Payments for Indian Users which allow Whatsapp users to transact money to other users on Whatsapp messenger. Check Out This Popular WhatsApp Mod: YOWhatsApp Mod

Although Whatsapp didn’t officially announce about its latest Digital payments through Whatsapp messenger, but with the most recent job listings in Whatsapp career page confirms that very soon Whatsapp is going to start its digital wireless payments.

Whatsapp posted job listings for a person who has Good knowledge in technical as well as digital transactions certifications are eligible to apply for positions in Whatsapp. This confirms that Whatsapp is starting digital wireless transaction services to users this will create a significant impact on Indian users.

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Whatsapp Introducing Digital Payments

The all new Whatsapp digital transaction feature will be first available for Indian users, speaking of this upgrade a Whatsapp employee said ‘ Whatsapp has a large number of Indian users and to support the Digital India program we are going to introduce various features for Indian Whatsapp users.’

As we know with the recent demonetization step in India, wireless transactions increased drastically. There are several wireless digital transaction services are available in India such as Paytm, Freecharge, and mobiKwik. After the demonetization effect, all digital services charging tax for every transaction, with the latest Whatsapp digital payments will compete with other digital wireless services in India.

But Whatsapp hasn’t confirmed its latest digital payments feature officially, but from the recent reports, we can say that it’s not so far away from official launch. Whatsapp has been struggling to make money from messaging services because Whatsapp officially stated that it’s going to offer lifetime free services.

As we know Facebook bought the Whatsapp messaging services, Facebook has introduced latest features recently such as virtual payments services, but the digital payments services didn’t get that much success. Because other than digital payment services, Facebook has other features to deal with.

So Facebook wants to start digital payments in Whatsapp messaging platform because Whatsapp has fewer features than Facebook it will become easy to start the services without any issues.

If Whatsapp starts digital payments service in India, it will become the first messaging service which offers wireless transactions in the world. Indian Whatsapp users market has crossed more than 200 million users on this year. So with the latest Whatsapp feature, digital transactions will be drastically increased.

With the Whatsapp latest digital payment service, the company will get from the Indian government because Digital India program is slowly pushing the wireless transactions all over the India. It seems like Whatsapp will compete with other digital payment services if it could get support from Digital India Initiative.