With the release of the new Mac lineup and refreshed pricing, the next/major announcement by Apple is the announcement of the next iOS version, iOS 11.

iOS 11 is surely going to change the way you are going to use your iPhone from now on. From sending messages to Augmented reality, it’s all a blockbuster today at the Apple’s WWDC 2017 event. Let’s have a look at what iOS 11 has in a dish for us tonight.



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Messages & Apple Pay:


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Messages have now turned into a cloud messaging service. Apple says it feels more like WhatsApp now but with further Mac support and far more messaging features available. In integrating to the messages, there is a major update of how we might be using Apple pay. Apple pay now supports peer to peer transactions. Meaning, you can send or receive money from your friends or family directly without having to leave your conversation screen. You can then later transfer the money to other your Apple card balance or transfer it directly to your bank account so to cash it out later. We can see this similar to what we have here in India, called as Paytm. If you are new to this, then Paytm is an Indian peer to peer transfer money transfer service which now Apple pay is adapting to.


And what’s an Apple event without Siri announcements! Of course, this year too we have major improvements in Siri. The voice assistant service by Apple, Siri is now more natural to ears and a lot of machine learning has been put into it. With this year’s Siri update, we’ve got a more natural voice; translation in quite a few languages like Chinese, English, Spanish and French. It is also now app integrated, meaning- you can edit your notes on Evernote directly by speaking right into Siri. Apple surely has extended a lot of boundaries when it comes to Siri.

Camera & Photos:

It was a little surprising seeing Apple switch new photo and video formats for the photos and video shot through their iPhones and iPads. Apple now promises up to 50% of photo size compression without loss of any detail in the picture quality. Meaning, less storage space occupied by photos and videos on the devices. Apple also promised compatibility for sharing but will have to wait before giving a final verdict on the same. The gallery app, known as Photos in the iPhone has tweaks as well,- it has a very beautifully laid out memories section which lets you view your images and videos in a story mode organized automatically by machine learning. Apple has also shown improvements in “live photos”, in where you can create Bounce effects and much more. You could now also choose a key photograph from a variety of photographs that the camera application automatically clicks when you are trying to click the perfect moment.

Control Center:


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In iOS 11, Apple has completely redesigned and modified the control center. The toggles now have a fancy beautiful animation to them which makes them a lot more visually interactive whenever pressed. The toggles are now mainly in form of blocks which also combine with 3D Touch to expand for further functionality. I personally think this is one of the biggest noticeable-everyday-use-change that Apple has brought into iOS 11.- which I’m sure is going to prove to be a lot helpful when we get the firmware update on our iPhones.

Maps & Do not Disturb while Driving:


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Apple has not done a lot fancy this year when it comes to maps but yeah, they surely have done a marvelous job integrating it with a service called do not disturb while driving. First of all, the only visual change in maps has to be the speed limit indicator that pops up on the left top corner of the navigation screen so that you get to know at what speed you should be driving at. Coming to the all you do not disturb while driving, it is not at all different from do not disturb on the iPhone but only it gets activated when you are driving. It uses sensors on your phone and mainly Wi-Fi to take self-decisions of whether you are driving or not. But what if you really know driving and setting at the passenger seat or the backseat? Well, in that case, you might want to long press the do not disturb notification which is the only notification on the lock screen while you are in a moving vehicle and select the option saying “I am not driving”. I think this is an essential step Apple has taken in order to get our eyes on the road while driving.- cuz we all know why cars crash these days. Right?

Apple Music:

Craig Federighi has also mentioned on stage that iOS 11 will be having entertainment support for multi-room audio between iPhones, iPads and to turn off other third party speakers. Apart from this Apple music is also adding a very much needed social elements that were required from a long long time- which eventually lets you find out what your friends are listening to. And in apps like Spotify, you can also decide whether or not you would want your music tastes to remain private. It also now has a great look, feel and design that matches most of the inbuilt Apple apps.

Redesigned App Store:


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Apple this year is also touching up on the redesigning of the app store. App store now has dedicated tabs for today’s picks, games, and normal apps. You can now easily get to know the trends, editors’ picks and what the world is downloading at the moment. I would say this is more like what the Google Play Store has had since the KitKat update. Anyways not fighting over that now,

Talking about how it looks, it’s themed more like other inbuilt Apple apps. Plane-not too fancy with graphics.


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Apple has finally decided to build Augmented reality directly into the heart of iOS, giving developers the freedom and tools they need to blend digital entertainment with the real world in the name, augmented reality. Personally, I feel like it is one of the most advanced Augmented reality tools/kits that have ever existed on a smartphone.

Pictures Source: Apple.com