So we’ve heard enough of the iPhone 8 being a full bezel-less design. All cool with that, but what does it look like when bundled with iOS. 11? iDROPNEWS, have reportedly spotted a render of an iPhone 8 running iOS 11. And oh gosh, it looks beautiful on the bezel-less display. The render shows off the device is multiple angles, making the iPhone 8, a little more predictable prior launch. A few images also show the iPhone 8’s new control center, messenger, music controls, and more.- all running on iOS 11.


iPhone 8.2 edited


Having a look at further leaks and renders, we can infer than the device, confirming once again, will be a full bezel-less design. Rumors also say that the fingerprint sensor is placed under the display (invisible to the eye) so not to come in the way of the screen. The only thing that might interrupt enthusiasts from calling this a bezel-less design is the sensor bar that’s present on the top front side of the iPhone. It houses a full HD front camera, proximity sensor, the earpiece and reportedly, also the infrared sensor and laser lights for enhanced face/Iris detection- if this is what Apple is planning. I personally feel the absence of the iris scanner would create a turn down as we are expecting a lot out of a brand new iPhone that’s releasing in 2017.

Further, renders also show that the device will sport a dual camera display on the back as to work in excellence with the ARkit that Apple’s been working their butts off lately. Even at the WWDC event, the ARkit and iOS 11 were the two most talked about announcements apart from the iMac Pro. There’s definitely a lot to expect from the iPhone 8.



iPhone 8.3 edited


The device is also rumored to sport a large pad at the inside-back of the device to enable wireless charging capabilities. Although I feel, merely keeping the phone in a place while charging is nothing different from having it attached to a wire, which remains plugged anyway in both the cases.

I, along with the tech community, would really appreciate if Apple could actually work on wireless charging technology that’d charge the phone wirelessly, even if it’s not placed on the charging dock/pad. The device is also expected to sport an OLED display, an Apple A11 chip, a 3D front camera and more.

The launch date of the iPhone 8 is one big mess-guess that the tech community is making but since we don’t have any authentic information on this, we decide to not give our word out. Most rumors say it’s September 2017.

Pictures Source: iDROPNEWS