LG has been actually pushing out some really amazing smartphones but they are not getting many sales.The LG V series of smartphones are my personal favorite and they are probably the most underrated smartphones out there.The LG V20 has been a great smartphone.Meanwhile, the company is working on their next phone in the V Series, LG V30 Smartphone.

The LG V30 Smartphone is rumored to be coming with an almost bezel-less display just as we saw on the LG G6.Unlike its predecessors, It is also said to be coming with a glass back which sure can make the smartphone a lot more appealing but it will take away its nifty feature of taking out the back panel.It is said to be supporting USB Type-C and the front camera is situated at the top and it looks very weird in my opinion.

It is also rumored to be having a rear dual camera setup with probably the same application as that on the G6.Talking more about the camera it will be a 13-megapixel shooter along with a wide angle lens.It is also going to support wireless charging and a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner.We are seeing a lot of design elements taken from the G6 here especially in the placements.It is also said to be coming with wireless charging about which I am not much excited.The glass back of the phone is also said to be housing the fingerprint sensor just as we saw on the metal back of the LG G6.

The LG V30 has been leaked a lot of times in the past and according to the reports, it is said to be pitched as a competitor to the Galaxy Note8 and the upcoming iPhone.The V series has become a lot more important this year as it is competing with the two tech giants.It is really trying hard to revive its place back and this time it’s tougher than ever.We will surely see the signature secondary display and this time with support for third party apps and also a unique design.The placement is also rumored to be a bit different this time.

They typically release a new phone in the second half of the year and some reports claim that they will launch it at IFA 2017 in Berlin happening in the end of August.As far as the pricing is concerned it won’t be cheap and affordable at all.The LG V30 Smartphone is rumored to be coming at 800,000 won (or approx ₹.46,000) in South Korea.The smartphone is also rumored to be coming with the unannounced Qualcomm Snapdragon 836 processor.It will probably be the first smartphone to feature an OLED display on a smartphone.

Source: OnLeaks, Evan Blass

Pictures Source: Concept Creator