Motorola has been the king of budget smartphones for quite a few years until last year when its saw the old generation chip not fitting in with the great software resulting into overheating and screen latency issues.This time Motorola has checked all the pillars and is back with a bang with their new Moto G5 Plus and this review is based on how the device holds up a month after its release and also quite a lot of torture


The Motorola Moto G5 Plus is powered by 2 GHz octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor and it comes with 4 GB of RAM. It also has 32 GB of internal storage which is expandable up to 128 GB via a micro sd card. It has a 12-megapixel primary camera and a 5-megapixel front facing a camera.

It comes with Android 7.0 out of the box and also houses a 3000 mah battery. It weighs around 155 grams and is 7.7 mm thick(not including the thickness of the camera bump)It is a dual SIM phone and accepts two Nano SIMs.It has all the necessary sensors including the gyroscope for Virtual Reality but sadly it lacks the compass sensor.


The g5 plus has actually shaped out to be a pretty great phone and probably someone’s best bet in this range.The stock Android, great design, awesome performance, exceptionally good camera, decently loud speaker, phenomenal build quality, super bright screen, phew!
Sooo much good to talk about.
There are still small things which do annoy me a lot of times.


Moto G5 Plus everything on outside (1) (1)

Let’s start off with everything that’s present on the outside of the phone.The chrome grills clearly show that the phone is trying to get the flagship look but totally fails as the phone still feels a bit cheap.The fingerprint scanner is stupidly fast and it actually had become a no-brainer to use it or just not to.The metal build is also a much-awaited implementation.The screen is quite not that bright.It is barely visible in the blazing sun.It’s pretty color accurate too.The speaker which was highly complained of in all the reviews is surprisingly loud to me at least and I don’t need earphones most of the time for watching my daily dose of tech videos!However, if you put the phone upside down then the sound gets muffled.

Moving to the right side, the volume rockers do have a nice texture to it and I can rub my fingers against them all day.They are really satisfying and sure they may be a bit too wobbly but it’s totally fine. I really like the fact that they are going for dedicated micro sd card slots which are highly underrated and we see it very rarely nowadays in most smartphones.I do have mixed feelings about the micro USB port.On one side I do think they have done it the wrong way when I think of USB Type c as the future and also my Mac having the same port but on the flip side this time the company has given quite a legit reason as bringing USB Type C now can create a lot of hassle for the users!



Moto G5 Plus camera (1) (1)


The rear camera is as good as it was last year.super fast autofocus.that low definitely clicks some stellar images.The bokeh coming out is also very pleasing to the eye.
Let’s Face it, We just can’t let the huge protruding camera alone.It annoys me really, whenever I put my phone with the camera facing the table it makes me really conscious about that glass and congratulations it also makes the phone a bit wobbly at times.Click on this link to see some raw Moto G5 Plus camera samples:


Moto G5 Plus sample.2 (1) (1)



Coming to the software side of things where things get a bit messy.apps tend to close often and Motorola after 2 months has released an OTA update which does not fix shit.Ram management is pathetic.Apps don’t retain in the memory.
I do really feel that Motorola should have put some efforts here.
There are a couple of nifty features built in the moto app which is very useful and I miss them everytime I switch to a new phone.The chop to turn on the flashlight, twist to turn on the camera and the one button navigation along with Moto display all build up and make the software experience amazing


Moto G5 Plus battery (1) (1)

The battery live is quite underwhelming and I don’t get more than 6 hours of screen on time.However, the turbo-charging technology tops up the phone really fast!The phone does get me through a day on a single charge.


The calls are crystal clear and I have no issues regarding it yet. JIO VoLTE also works flawlessly and also the sound output is great!


According to me the Moto G5 plus is certainly a steal and the price is on point.It is an overall complete package.You will be getting constant software updates, great camera, build, design and not losing out much.This offers great user experience and checks all the basics of a smartphone.At the end of the day, you need to get your phone up and running and not disappoint you which surely the moto g5 plus will not.I have started liking this phone so much that I am even planning to make this my daily driver.

If you want to buy the device here are the links from both Amazon and Flipkart:,