One Plus 5 has been right around the corner. The device was launched yesterday 10:30 IST and is scheduled to launch in India soon. Right after the launch, One Plus is accused of having to enable a “performance” mode whenever a benchmark app is detected running. Folks over at XDA say that the company has been cheating since the time of the OnePlus 3T has come out and now the  OnePlus 5 smartphone Benchmark Scandal. According to them, all the devices that have been sent out to reviewers have been tweaked by adding a special “performance” mode to the device.- which, as stated before, puts the device in “Performance” mode whenever a benchmark app is run. This performance mode causes to manipulate benchmark scores by a hike of 5%. Which, these days is enough to get a device like OnePlus 5 to get the “fastest phone in the world” tag OnePlus 5 smartphone Benchmark Scandal.

It’s surprising how even today, majority people rely upon the benchmark scores for their purchasing decisions. Hence, supporting the tech community like they’ve always lived for, this is what the XDA as a publication has to say-

Last time around, OnePlus introduced changes to the behavior of their ROM whenever it detected a benchmark application was opened. Such application names were explicitly listed by their package IDs within the ROM in a manifest that specified the targets.

Then, the ROM would alter the frequency in relation to an adjusted CPU load — our tools showed CPU load would drop to 0% regardless of obvious activity within the application, and the CPU would see a near-minimum frequency of 1.29GHz in the big cores and 0.98GHz in the little cores.

They also add that this time around, with the OnePlus 5 smartphone benchmark scandal has happened, the cheating is much more “blatant”.

The XDA Publication adds:

The OnePlus 5, on the other hand, is an entirely different beast — it resorts to the kind of obvious, calculated cheating mechanisms we saw in flagships in the early days of Android, an approach that is clearly intended to maximize scores in the most misleading fashion.

While there are no governor switches when a user enters a benchmark (at least, we can’t seem to see that’s the case), the minimum frequency of the little cluster jumps to the maximum frequency as seen under performance governors. All little cores are affected and kept at 1.9GHz, and it is through this cheat that OnePlus achieves some of the highest GeekBench 4 scores of a Snapdragon 835 to date.

Lately,  XDA has performed GeekBench’s multi-core benchmark. They folks over at XDA compared two smartphones running the same Snapdragon 835 chipset.- The newly launched OnePlus 5 and Xiaomi’s Mi 6. Both the smartphones performed exceptionally well but OnePlus 5 scored a little more than the Mi 6. OnePlus 5 scored a whopping 6,700 points whereas the Mi 6 was down to 6,653. Not a great difference, but OnePlus 5 wins. Taking these results into consideration, the publication claims that, with the cheating mechanism enabled, the OnePlus 5 manages to hike up the multi-core benchmark score by 5%.

OnePlus’s co-founder, Carl Pei, reacted to this scandal controversy on Reddit. This is what he has to say,

We have made it so that when running benchmark apps, the phone performs the same as when running resource intensive apps such as 3D games. We also fully activate our chipset in other parts of OxygenOS, for instance when launching apps to make the launch experience faster and smoother.

We are not making it easier for the chipset to perform, for instance by changing to a lower resolution when detecting a benchmark app. We are not changing the performance of our chipset, for instance by overclocking it.

When users run benchmark apps, which I agree aren’t a useful proxy for real life performance, we believe that they want to see the full potential of their device without interference from tampering. That’s what we’ve unlocked.

Every OEM has proprietary performance profiles for their devices, I appreciate that we have a tech enthusiastic following, but feel free to have a look around. 🙂

Keeping all these intuitions aside, it’s high time we all believe that benchmark scores aren’t the best way to determine the real worth, the capability of the device. As per what our word goes, OnePlus 5 is truly an amazing flagship device and surely is one of the best when compared to other smartphones/flagships at a similar price point but why did the company do this to a new OnePlus 5 smartphone Benchmark Scandal.