Mobile gaming is becoming popular day by day and a major part of play store revenue comes from gaming app as the smartphone specs are growing, 3rd party game developers are taking interest to make more high-quality games. Now we are going to suggest you what we think has a Top 5 Wireless Gaming Controllers for Android and iOS.

Most of the games are designed to work with a touch screen but this experience can be even better with a Wireless controller. Nowadays developer releases game exclusively with controller support. Playing with just the touch screen is a frustrating experience, because it covers almost half of your screen, to enjoy full console type gaming experience you must buy a Gaming Controller.

So here we have shortlisted Top 5 Wireless Gaming Controllers you can buy under ₹1500

Vu4 Wireless gamepad – ₹ 1499

Top 5 Wireless Gaming controllers Vu4 Wireless gamepad


Vu4 Controller is the best you can get in this price range it also comes with a telescopic stand to hold your phone while playing, 2 analog stick and 2 set of controller and function keys. Supports Windows/Android/IOS and has a good battery life.

Here is the link to buy Vu4 Wireless Gamepad:!NNNN

Ipega Wireless Controller – ₹ 1050

Top 5 Wireless Gaming controllers Ipega wireless controller

Next controller on the list is from Ipega it comes with same features like vu4 controller in a lesser price. Telescopic stand, 3 modes: gamepad, mouse, case. Although it doesn’t support fps(first person shooting) games like Modern Combat 5, Brother in arms, Overkill 3 but there’s a solution at the end of the post you can try that other than that all games will work fine.

Here is the link to buy Ipega Wireless Controller:

Zebronics Zeb Gamepad – ₹ 1025

Top 5 Wireless Gaming controllers IZebronics


This is the best looking controller which will support almost all gaming devices and os like Windows, PlayStation, and Android it also comes with Dual vibration feedback, Digital & analog mode, special function like Turbo and clear. It doesn’t come with inbuilt battery requires AAA battery.

Here is the link to buy Zebronics Zeb Gamepad:!NNNN

Black Box VR Shinecon– ₹ 600

Top 5 Wireless Gaming controllers blackbox vr

Vr Shine con comes with only 1 analog stick and A / B / X / Y Buttons same as the mini remote controller. Works well with VR and some games as mentioned below can also be used to capture photos and control music.

Here is the link to buy Black Box VR Shinecon:

VR Remote  – ₹ 210

Top 5 Wireless Gaming controllers Vr box

If your budget is low you can get this mini controller which works well with VR and many Android games.It comes with 1 analog stick, 6 controls key (4 on the front and 2 on the side), a power and a function key.You can switch functions like game control, mouse, music control, and volume adjustment(Useful while you are using VR) All games from Rockstar Games are supported by this, however, you cannot play games like Gangster Vegas because it required dual analog stick and this comes with only one.

Some of the games that you can easily play with this controller are – Bully: Anniversary EditionGrand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Max Payne Mobile.

Here is the link to buy VR Remote:

How To Remap Gaming Controller Keys:

You can remap gamepad keys if you have root access, with some key mapping apps like Game Controller KeyMapper.

Some games suggestions you can try with your game controllers

Brother in armsBully: Anniversary EditionGrand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Max Payne MobileGangster Vegas, Asphalt 8Modern Combat 5, Need for Speed Most wantedOverkill 3.

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