Today 21st August, Google has officially announced the next Android version which is called Android Oreo and now Google officially announced latest features about next their update Android O in Google I/O 2017. However, Android O update is already available for Android beta users, and you can install this update right now in your Google Pixel and Nexus mobiles. We have mentioned some latest Android Oreo features which are brilliantly designed to enhance the Android user experience.


Android Oreo


Android Oreo features

2x faster

The all new Android Oreo comes with 2x faster speeds, so you can start your favorite tasks more quickly with the lightning fast menu. This fast accessing technology allows instant loading times when the mobile is powering up, so it means Android oreo optimises the unwanted tasks at the time of starting.

Background limits

Android Oreo software update helps to optimize the background activity by various apps and tasks so that the loading times and power consumptions will become less.

Google Play Protect

This feature might be the interesting one because we’ve gone through various malicious android apps on Google play store, but from now on the android oreo operating system, Google is going to check over 50billion apps for malicious scripts.


Who doesn’t love emoji’s, the all new android oreo OS comes with new and updated Emoji icons which further enhances your way of communicating.

TextView autosizing

The autosizing feature will help the developers to set their TextView according to their work requirements which make it more easier and to optimize their text performance on various platforms.

Integrated printing support

To make it easier for users, the all new android Oreo comes with the support of all Mopria-certified printers which are the most sold printers worldwide(97%), so you can directly connect your printer device to share files easily with Android oreo integrated feature.


Android Oreo

The all new Android O comes with an advanced feature called Picture-in-Picture mode which lets you multitask with a split screen. Whether you’re watching a video or texting if you want the switch to other apps without closing the present application the all new Picture-in-Picture mode will help you with split screen feature.

New Notifications

Android Oreo

The way we receive app notifications has been improved in Android O, in spite showing regular old style notification on the top scroll menu you will receive a notification dot on the app itself. With the new notification dot feature, you can see the latest notifications right there in the app widget by a long press.

Auto-Fill feature

Android Oreo

Till now the auto-fill feature has effectively used in desktop browsers such as chrome and Firefox but Google wants to extend their auto-fill services to Android users in upcoming Android O version. The auto-fill feature will save your log-in information like id & password etc., whenever you type your id, it will automatically insert the password in the following fields.

Smart text selection

Android Oreo

We’ve been facing difficulties with text selection from the websites, so to avoid the text copying Google now launched smart text selection feature in upcoming Android O through which whenever you double tap on the specific text it will automatically select the important info in the article such as phone numbers, names, and addresses.

Connect to Nearby Wi-Fi networks

Android Oreo

The all new automatic saved Wi-Fi network connectivity feature has introduced in latest Android O, so if you have saved Wi-Fi networks whenever you come under the saved networks the phone will automatically connect to the Wi-Fi network and turns off the mobile data.

Quick path to settings menu

Whenever we want to change settings for the specific app, we have to find it all the way down by scrolling which makes us somewhat irritate. The all new Google enhanced search option allows you to find anything which shows you an exact path by using the sub-text.

Display over the apps

There are some premium apps which uses built-in display overlay feature through which you can access to latest notifications menu with running app screen overlay. Whenever you open the notification from the menu, the existing running app will be opened in the background and displays the app functionality in screen overlay.

Fingerprint Gestures

The all new Android O comes with horizontal swipes and vertical swipe in fingerprint gesture controls. The all new gesture controls have already included in the Nexus and Google Pixel, but with the Android O operating system, every Android user will get these advanced gesture control for better mobile experience.

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