Both Android and iOS have come a long way since they were launched 8-9 years ago. Here we are again, discussing the long debated Android vs iOS topic. Some features speed up the system and help in extending battery life and others completely change the user experience.Now has the companies have updated to the latest versions of Android Oreo and iOS 11. Here we are going to do a comparison and contrast between Android Oreo Vs iOS 11.These two operating systems end up in users hands and what are users personal preference has both the companies are heading towards improving building up a perfect operating system for us.

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Android Oreo Vs iOS 11: What are Similarities And Differences

Notification Panel



Google has gone with an iOS styled notification scheme for the latest version of Android. There will be a little dot in the top-right corner of the app’s icon to show a notification.  This has been the style in iOS since the first iPhone and 3rd-party android launchers (such as Nova Launcher) have been featuring the scheme for a long time as well.

Apple iPhone 7

Google has added another feature in which the users long press on an icon with the notification badge that reveals a menu that allows the user to do different tasks, much like Apple’s 3D touch feature.


Android Oreo and iOS 11 are getting fully revamped emojis. Google has ditched the blob-like emojis for the new, round emojis. Google’s new emojis copy Apple’s choice to increase the detail present on the emojis. On the other hand, iOS 11 will get the taste of emojis even more detailed than Android Oreo’s.

A tweet by Apple’s CEO shows off emojis with a very high level of detail. Apple has not revealed when the new emojis are arriving, but we can expect them to be present in iOS 11 and MacOS High Sierra.

Screen Recorder



iOS 11 will come with an inbuilt screen recorder, a feature much laked on all generations of iOS. As you already know, it will let you record your iPhone’s screen without dealing with jailbreaking or installing non-trusted apps. In Android, it’s a whole different story with you having to install third party screen recorders without any inbuilt feature.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Autofill  API



Google has introduced a new Autofill API feature, so you don’t have to worry about remembering your secure passwords. Android O will have native support for password managers and after choosing a default password manager, you can simply log into your accounts without remembering your passwords. Apple will not include such a feature in iOS 11 as it does not trust 3rd-party apps because of security reasons.

Picture-in-Picture (PIP)



Apple introduced a feature called Picture-in-picture with iOS 9, however it was exclusive to the iPad. iPhones are yet to get this feature. On the other hand, Google is including this feature to its smartphones with Android O. With the new feature, you can minimize a video and make it float off the screen for improved multitasking.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus (Coral Blue, 64 GB) (4 GB Ram)

Smart Text Selection



Copy and paste functions have been present in  Android since the first version and have made iOS implement this feature. It’s a very important function, but the mostly small size of phone screens make copy pasting a troublesome process.

iPhone 7 And iPhone 7 Plus

The feature is called ‘Smart Text Selection’. When a user highlights an address, a link to Google Maps will be displayed alongside the functions of Copy, cut and paste. If a phone number is highlighted, the phone app will be shown.

Digital Assistants



With iOS 11, Apple is giving Siri the feature to translate words and phrases to many common languages. It will also sound more human-like. Google assistant does have an edge over Siri, as it has a wide set of capability with better translations.

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Coming to AR and VR, Google has done this for a very long time with Tango, Google Cardboard, and Daydream. Apple has just started with the ARKit, which is capable of hardware as well as developer support for iOS that could turn out to be a huge success.

Both Apple and Google are trying to beat each other. Google is adding new features and bringing goodies to the users.  While Apple is polishing the overall experience of the OS.This part in the comparison of Android Oreo Vs iOS 11 is the newest segement.So let’s see how companies go forward in this.

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