Intel has now launched their latest 8th Generation processor lineup, starting with the Kaby Lake processors refresh for low powered laptops. It will range from 14nm Kaby Lake and Coffee Lake chips to 10nm Cannonlake CPUs, which will be the 8th generation.

The mobile CPUs have only a 15W TDP making them very easy to cool and keep temperatures under control. There will be four SKUs in the lineup that include the Core i7 – 8650U, Core i7 – 8550U, Core i5 – 8350U and the Core i5 – 8250U. There are no architectural changes on these processors, but each processor comes with twice the number of CPU cores and threads if it’s put up against the last generation.

Most of the specifications have been previously offered in CPU’s with TDPs of 45W compared to 15W TDPs for the same performance from the 8th Generation. We will start seeing 6 core CPUs go mainstream and there could be some high-end notebook processors as well. However, it’s not all that well and good. Having a higher amount of cores with a reduced TDP forces the company to reduce the clock speeds. This loss is however compensated by the boost clocks of the CPUs which can reach up to 4.2 GHz.


Specifications Of Intel 8th Generation CPUs

8th Generation

Intel has updated the graphics engine to UHD 620 compared to the HD 620. As the name suggests, the updated version will provide support for 4K content playback. It does not point to actual performance, instead just shows the capability of handling media and content playback. The new processors will be able to provide a huge 40% boost over the last generation in performance as compared to the previous generation.

The first 8th Generation powered i5 / i7 devices should be available in September. There will be more than 145 devices to choose from at launch.

The 8th generation kaby-lake refresh lineup will be mainly based around U-series (Low power consumption), the other Y-series, the H-series (High-End) and the S-series (Desktop) will be targeted by the Coffee Lake and Cannonlake architecture.

The 8th Generation Y-series processors will have TDPs around 4.5 watts. The H-Series and S-series laptop and desktop CPUs will be using the 14nm++ architecture.

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Full Lineup


8th Generation


We still have a bit more information about the Coffee Lake architecture. The Coffee Lake processors will be available until early October. The processors will be launched with the Z370 for the enthusiast-ish chipset and the budget aimed B360 (Thanks to AMD) and H370 chipsets. There is also going to be a Z390 chipset which will be offered, but not much information has been revealed on that.

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