Everyone loves reading Comic books, but when those comic books are made into a TV series, it gets more exciting with the pinpoint detailing. As everyone knows, Fans love to see comic book TV show adaptation and we can judge it by seeing the stats. Marvel and Netflix Collaboration Comic Book TV adaptation are quite a hit. In this article, we’ll be telling you about the Top 5 Must Watch Upcoming Comic Book TV Series which will be releasing their own series. Stay Tuned.

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Here Are Few Upcoming Comic Book TV Series:

1) Watchmen

Rumours say that Zack Snyder and HBO will be teaming up for a series on Watchmen as the 2009 movie was well received by the fans. A series will be a good installment to the applauded Alan Moore Novel.

HBO has a lot going on its plate, after the huge success of Game Of Thrones, Westworld, Silicon Valley and others.

As of now, there is no news if the series will follow the prequel or the novel itself since Zack Snyder may not be involved anymore.

There’s no proper news on when the series will air but it’s expected to air in 2019 or 2020. Let’s keep our hopes high.

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2) Black Lightning 

Black Lightning from DC Comics is yet another expected series which brings in a lot of promises for its fans. After he hung up his suit to keep his families priorities ahead, the city started to create a nuisance, there was crime everywhere. The High School Principal Comes back into action to save the day once again.

Mara Brock Akil and Salim Akil the writers had first approached Fox for the project, but they had to decline since they already had a lot of book tv series. So both went to CW and they welcomed them. If you are thinking that the Black Lightning will join the ArrowVerse you may not be alone, But as of now, Salim Akil states that Black Lightning won’t share the universe with The Green Arrow and other CW Superheroes.

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3) Punisher

Following, the first teaser of the upcoming  Marvel and Netflix show The Punisher, a new promo has been released. The promo doesn’t release any in-depth footage but it shows us various new members of the supporting cast for the series.

Daniel Webber will be playing the role of Lewis Walcott and Jason R. Moore as Curtis Hoyle. 

The Punisher will be starring Jon Bernthal who played a role in the season 2 of Daredevil, he will be accompanied by a co-star of a daredevil, Deborah Ann Woll as Karen Page. 

The release of the show is not decided as of now. It’s expected to be launched on Netflix at the end of 2017.This is one of the most awaited Upcoming Comic Book TV Series for all Marvel Fans.

4) Titans

Titans, the new live action series is coming to DC’s digital network and its first member of the cast is none other than Raven.

Sources say that Teagen Croft will be playing the part. Raven is described as the daughter of the demon who has to control her emotions or she will have unleashed her demonic side. Later this month, Actress Anna Diop had been cast for the role of Starfire which shows us that Teen Titans is moving forward to meet the expectations of their fans.

There is nothing confirmed about the release of the series so sit tight for a rough ride. Let us know in the comments below what do you think of the cast and the series. This might be just a Cartoon series but it is a long waited Upcoming Comic Book TV Series for all DC Fans.

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5) Krypton

Superman fans it’s time to be happy again, SyFy had officially announced that Krypton will be released in late 2017, the story of House El. The show will take place 2 generations before the birth of Superman on Krypton. Teaser of the series was released months ago which got the fans more excited and I’ll tell you that it looks very promising to me.

Rumours suggest that Kal-El’s Grandfather will be playing the main role in the series and the series goes 200 years before the destruction of Krypton.

Producer Goyer had stated earlier that the show will be a prequel to the Man of Steel but others who were involved in making the show declined this. Let’s see what the show brings in for its die hard fans.

Update: Krypton will be released in mids of 2018.

Pictures Source: commons.wikimedia.orggeekireland.com, Netflix: Punisher, Krypton: Syfy,  The CW Television Network: Black Lighting





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