Lately, we’ve been overwhelmed with the amount of leaks and rumors received from various sources. And, after the long wait, we finally get to see what the hypes about the Apple Launch Event.On Friday, we got to see a leaked version of Apple’s iOS 11 software which was published by 9to5Mac which states that, there will be tons of key features which will be included in the upcoming iPhone 8. Apple is expected to officially pull down the curtains on Tuesday, September 12, 2017.

iPhone X

The 10th Anniversary iPhone model will be called the iPhone X, according to a developer Steven Smith who took a look at the leaked build of the iOS.


According to Sources, the iPhone X is rumored to launch alongside with two other iPhone products which will be the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Apple will be ditching the ‘S’ series this year.

The leak confirms some of the reported details about the device, like facial unlock, Face ID and also other features which haven’t been reported as of now.

Some of the features which will is upcoming:

  • The Facial Recognition gets a new name and it’ll be called as Face ID.
  • A new type of emojis to be introduced which will be called as ‘Animojis’. These emojis are said to be 3D. This feature was leaked from the iOS 11 code, the code describes it as “custom animated messages”.



This news came as a shock to everyone including me, that the new iPhone 8 won’t be featuring its home button, instead, they’ll have a virtual home button built in. This may be a boon for some and maybe a curse for some.

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iPhone 8 Design

According to a report,  the iPhone 8bwill sport a screen which will take up almost the entire front. The device will have slim bezels as we’ve seen it on Samsung’s flagships. The home button will be missing and will be replaced by a virtual one with inbuilt gesture controls.There will be a software thin bar on the bottom that runs a cross which users can drag up to the middle of the screen to unlock the device. The iPhone 8 will have rounded corners.


Some of the leaks also suggest, that Apple will be putting a True Tone Display in the OLED iPhone X. True Tone was introduced with the 9.7 inch iPad last year and this display also adjusts the white balance automatically which helps to improve the readability of the text. The power button will also get some new functions like Apple Pay Cards and also call up Siri.

The code also suggested that at least one iPhone model will be shipping out without the TouchID fingerprint scanner which had changed the way to unlock your smartphone.

There’s no clear statement as for how some of TouchID’s feature like, tap to go to home screen, double tapping for recent apps — will be handled in the new model. We are expecting some new features with the Virtual ID.

Also spotted, a new feature seems to be in the works which will be called as Lighting Portrait mode, this is likely am an upgraded version of the Portrait Mode which was introduced last year in the generation lineup.

Apple Watch LTE


9to5Mac reportedly confirmed that the next version of Apple Watch will also feature a cellular connection, which enables it to make and receive phone calls. The Apple watch will be sharing the same phone number as of the iPhone it’s connected to.

Apple AirPods

A small part of the upcoming AirPods was also spotted in the code by Steven Smith. The company is in works to introduce a much better model of its previous Airpod.


Some of the feature states that you may no longer need to open the AirPods case to check the charging indicator. The revised version will be having an indicator on the body itself.

The iPhone 8 will have a cutout in top of the bezel less display and also some of the features like system clock and etc will be shown on the left side of the status bar and on the right side of the status bar Wi-Fi, cellular data and battery life will be indicated.

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Smith also found some codes of an Apple TV that suggested that the streaming device will stream videos at 2160p and will support tons of colour formats. The AppleTV will likely require the users to have at least 15 Mbps connection for them to be able to watch videos in 4K resolution.

Rumours suggest that shipments of the iPhone X could be delayed because of the OLED shortage and the companies need to find another display supplier besides Samsung. The iPhone X will be shipped later than the other two models.

The rumored pricing is about $1000, but nothing is officially announced.

To get the exact release date,  watch the Livestream on Tuesday.

Pictures Source: 9to5Mac,Steve T-S,

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