As we know reliance Jio announced a cheap 4G mobile called “Jio Phone” for Rs 1500 and they’ve also said that this money will be credited to customer account within the span of 3 months. In order to countermeasure the reliance Jio step, all the telecom, and smartphone manufacturer companies are planning to launch affordable 4G mobile at the same price. Bharathi Airtel is top competitor among all telecom companies, so they came up with Airtel Karbonn A40 affordable 4G mobile into the market at an effective price of Rs 1,399.

Reliance Jio phone is contract based phone which means you can use only a Jio SIM to access all the Jio phone features and it won’t allow the user to insert any other network SIM cards. These type of mobile phones came long back but they failed to grab the customer attention but this time it has 4G support so things may change this time.

Airtel Karbonn A40 Features

The all new Airtel Karbonn A40 feature phone isn’t contract based smartphone compared to Jio Phone, so you can use any network operator SIM in Karbonn A40 smartphone without any issues. However, there is one twist in Karbonn A40 smartphone if someone wants to use other network operator SIM they have to pay Rs 2,899 for a feature phone and if a user wishes to use Airtel 4G SIM then the effective price will be varied that is Rs 1,399.

Talking about the Karbonn A40 feature phone specifications, it comes with 4-inches display and a 1.3GHz processor. It sports a 1GB RAM and 8GB internal storage space which can be expandable by up to 32GB using external microSD cards. An A40 feature phone is compatible for Dual-SIM options and it is backed up by a 1,400mAh battery, on the back, it has a 2MP camera lens and a 0.3MP front-facing selfie is provided. The all new Airtel Karbonn A40 smartphone includes Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth wireless network support.

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The only difference between Jio Phone and Airtel Karbonn A40 smartphone is that A40 smartphone doesn’t support NFC connectivity support which means cashless payments can’t be done. The biggest drawback in Jio Phone is that it doesn’t support Whatsapp and Facebook apps.

Moving on to other points, Reliance Jio clearly mentioned that user will be only eligible for Rs 1,500 cash back only if he/she returns the feature phone after three years, but for Airtel Karbonn A40 smartphone users are don’t need to return their smartphone’s to claim any unwanted cash benefits, the ownership of their smartphone is complete will be in user’s hands.

Last but not the least, sources claim that first batch of Jio Phones are importing from China because Reliance didn’t start their manufacturing unit in India till now which will take around 3 more months. Coming Airtel Karbonn A40 smartphone, it is manufactured in India and the company also supports PM Narendra Modi “Make in India” program.

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