By now you have used many normal iOS apps on your iPhone and iPad which you use daily. But now it’s time to fill up your list with our top 5 best iOS apps for your iPhone or iPad. All these apps are free to download from App store.

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Top 5 Best iOS Apps For October 2017:

So now let’s start with the best ones first

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1) Quadro:

Ever imagined a touchbar for your old MacBook or Windows PC, then here you go. Quadro is a smart controller for your PC / Macbook, kind of a touchbar or an extra handy controller. This app is iPhone exclusive.From this app you can perform simple actions on your mac or windows computer for example: Changing tabs, switching pages on Chrome browser or setting up few things on Photoshop, Premier pro or in some other apps. This is very customizable, one can set their own actions for each tab.If one gets the hang of it then it’s very simple to use and can be very handy.


1)First download Quadro app on both iPhone/iPad and PC/Mac.

2)Both Pc/Mac and iPhone/iPad should be connected on same wifi.

3)Then open the apps on both Phone and on Desktop and then a code will appear on phone screen then just enter it on your desktop and your good to go.

Download it from here: Quadro

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2) Inscape:

Inscape is a smart meditation app which makes meditation approachable, relevant and convenient. Today’s youth are totally technology-based and they don’t want to step out of their house, so this unique app will make them happier and active through meditation. I personally have tried this app for few days and it’s a very useful app and must have for all those folks who want to stay healthy and happy in and out.

Download it from here: Inscape

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3) Pacer:

Pacer is another health and fitness app on the list which focusses on pure exercises to stay fit and active. This app is very useful for everyone, but this is not just a regular fitness app, but this is a very peculiar app. This app has its own huge community to which we can talk, share, and make friends from that community. The app lets you create a group of a particular area in which members can be added.People can also join several groups and in that group, you can compete with each other. There are also options to make a private group, add friends and chat with your friends.

This app also has several workout plans such as 7-minute workout, Abs workout, Leg workout and more. All and all this app can be your daily fitness coach so definitely check out this app.

Download it from here: Pacer


ios apps

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4) Bunk Manager:

Ever faced problems for bunking classes and losing track of your attendance if yes then, this is the app for you. So Bunk manager is a Simple app made especially for students, in this app students can track their attendance by which they can be tension free.

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In this app, first the student has to enter their subjects and then the lectures they bunked till now and then minimum percentage number which is 75% and then they are ready to use it. A graph will be made showing how many percents is your attendance till now and how many classes you need to attend to make it the till 75%.This way anyone can be tension free and manage their attendance.

Download it from here: Bunk Manager

5) Andy:

This is the last iOS app on the list.We chat every day with our friends but we chat in a very informal way so it is kind of barrier to our language speaking skills, so here is an app for you to chat. Andy is an app in which will help you improve your English.In this app, you will talk/chat to a person called as Andy who will ask you tons of questions and improve your English.You can ask him complex words as well. If one person chats daily then he will surely become a good speaker.So definitely check this application.

Download it from here: Andy

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