We play a lot of games in our day to day life, but most of them are casual and same games we are playing from years like Subway surfers, Pokemon Go, Clash of clans etc, but here are some best free iOS games which are new and are must try by every iPhone user.

Here are the Top 5 Best free iOS Games:

1) Mekorama:

Mekorama is a simple yet complex game which will make you play this game again and again.In this game, there is a tiny little robot who is trying to go his home buy crossing some hurdles which are levels of the game.Every level is very different and as you go on completing the levels the game becomes tougher.There are total 50 levels in the game. The most interesting thing about this game is its size, the size of the game is just 7 MB, which is better for all the peoples with 16GB of iPhones.Lastly, this game is must try to check it out once and you will be addicted to it.

Click Here To Download: Mekorama

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2) Geostrom:

Geostrom is a survival game in which the person playing the game has to survive from some natural calamities.So you are in the control of the character making your way to survive quickly as possible.There are several levels in this games which are very easy at first but becomes hard as you go on increasing the level.There are some blocks, switches, and doors to pull and brake and through this one completes the levels.This games makes you think and take action, some levels of the game are too hard to complete but all and all this game is a must try.Go get yourself a Geostrome challenge.

Click Here To Download: Geostrom

3) Drive Ahead! Minigolf:

This is a very chill and relaxing iOS game which you can play on vacations.This is actually an Augumentary reality game which makes it more interesting.In this game, the player first has to point his iPhone at a flat surface so that the golf stadium can appear, after one sees the stadium we can play by hitting the stick towards the ball.This is a good game which can be played with family.One can also compete with each other in this game.This game takes the AR capabilities to future, but keep one thing in mind before downloading this game make sure you have iOS 11 installed on your iPhone.

Click Here To Download: Drive Ahead! Minigolf

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4) Spin Addict:

Spin Addict is a new iOS game and already has many downloads.This game as the name suggests will addict a person to this game as this game is very interesting.The concept is simple and not very new but the graphics of this game are very good.In this game, the players have to spin the ornament like thing and keep on going with some gestures of swiping down and up to cross the hurdles.There are a certain amount of levels which needs to be completed, every level is hard and interesting.

Click Here To Download: Spin Addict

5) Stack AR:

This is the final game on our list.We all know that game Stack by Ketchapp, but this a new addon to that game, for the people with iOS 11 and above have this is a wonderful game to play.In this game first the player has to find a flat surface it can be a table or ground then a stack will appear on the screen in real life and then you can start playing by tapping on the screen this game looks very good in AR and is a must try.

Click Here To Download: Stack AR

Picture Source: Apple.com





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