Well, we play a lot of games on our smartphones but sometimes those games can get boring, so we have explored and made our own Top 5 Best Android games list for this month.

Top 5 Best Android Games:

Android Games

1) Guns of Boom:

Ever imagined Overwatch or Bullet force PC Game on Your Android Phone. This is not Overwatch but Guns of Boom, which gives you almost similar experience as those PC FPS games. This is a very good multiplayer First-person-shooter game. The graphics of this game are very good and this is an action-packed combat game.Here the player has to shoot the enemies, all the players are in teams. There are real persons playing the game and the game is totally online. This game will take you to a whole new gaming experience. All and all this game is a must try so definitely check this game yourself and we are pretty much sure that you would not regret it.

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Download It Here: Guns of Boom

2) Into Mirror:

Into Mirror is a cool cyberpunk action platformer, it’s in the virtual world mirror. The Mirror device brings people into the virtual world in 2076. The game has a unique storyline. In this game, the player has to fight with different kinds of enemies and discover various hidden secrets in the game. This game has 20 Levels which becomes very challenging as we go higher and higher each level.

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Download It Here: Into Mirror

3) Loner:

Loner is a very calm and mesmerizing game.loner is seriously a visual treat, the music the visuals and the gameplay makes this game very unique. Here the player has to move the aeroplane by dragging it up and down and reach the maximum distance as possible without getting hit by the obstacles. Loner brings you pure loneliness, no attributes, no upgrades and not even score competing.What can we say more about this beautiful game just try it out yourself.

Download It Here: Loner

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Android Games

4) Seen:

Seen is an interactive story set in high school where you can play as a student who fell in love with fellow student, Nichole Tyler. Seen is purely a chat based game where you chat with various new friends such as Nichole, Mike, Jake, Jenny and Valerie and get some life love lessons. This game gives you choice to take decisions on your own and chat with different people. There are several twists and turns in the game which will give you several love lessons about life. This is too addictive that at a point you might get emotional and cry. I myself have played this game for the longest time and it is one of the best game you would play. This game is also rated very high on play store with a rating of 4.6/5. So play it yourself and see how addictive and emotional it gets.

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Download It Here: Seen

5) Racey Rocket:

This is a casual game which is very addictive and pleasing. Racey Rocket is a new game which requires you to control a high-speed rocket and guide it to the exit point. You need to aim the rocket towards the blue bars to move towards direction and purple bars to bounce it. The rocket here is too fast so you need to point out it in such a way that you need to move it to the finish line as soon as possible.All and all this is a very fun game to play so definitely check it out.

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Download It Here: Racey Rocket

Pictures Source: play.google.com



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