We use many apps every day, every hour, every minute and now it feels like those apps have become our daily needs.There are way too many free apps on Playstore so we have trawled and found out.so here it is ladies and gentlemen we are presenting you with some Top 5 best free Useful Android Apps which you should definitely take a look at.

Top 5 Useful Android Apps For October:

1) Holo:

Holo is the first application in our list.Holo is basically an Augmented reality app which lets you add holograms of people, animals or movie characters in real life. With this app, you can make videos with different characters, animals and much more.Our personal favourite character is Spiderman hologram, well that said this app is a must try for Marvel fans.

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Click here to Download: Holo

2) Forest:

Smartphones can be addictive but sometimes it can be very dangerous so we are presenting Forest. Forest is a perfect app for those who are addicted to their smartphones this app will also help people to do other productive activities.The app’s interface is simple, in this app we just need to plant a tree which is our main object in the app and then we should keep our phone away and if we touch and unlock our phone the tree dies and  if we do not touch our phone for a particular time then the tree does not die like this we can make a whole area of trees.This is a very interesting app to stay focused on studies or other activities so definitely check it out.

Click here to Download: Forest

3) Temp Mail:

We know that situation when we sign in for a particular website and we get a lot of spams in our inbox, so to get rid of that situation, Tempmail is useful.Tempmail is an email service which lets u create a free temp mail account so that whenever you go to any site just give temp mail email so that your inbox will be free of spams.But if you want to check your email then you can login to temp mail app and all the emails will be in temp mail inbox.This can be very useful in some situations so definitely try this application.

Click here to Download: Temp Mail

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4) WallP:

This is the fourth app on the list.Wallp is a wallpaper app where you can get tons of true 4k wallpapers for your android device.Here you will get over 80,000 plus wallpapers with over 10 to 20 categories such as 3D, Abstract, artistic wallpapers and much more.The interface of the app is very simple so definitely check out this application.

Click here to Download: WallP

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5) Fastkey Launcher:

There is that moment when are in hurry of something and we are searching for that app but at the main time, we are unable to find that. Here is when Fastkey launcher comes in.This launcher allows you to search for an app very quickly from your home screen itself.There is no customisation going on like nova launcher for some this can be the perfect daily launcher.This app is free so you should definitely download it.

Click here to Download: Fastkey Launcher

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