As we know Microsoft has officially announced that there will be no more updates to Windows 8.1 from July 11th, 2017 which means it is the End of Windows 10 mobiles. It’s almost 3 years since Microsoft has didn’t take action against support of old windows mobile phones, I think it’s time Microsoft has officially removed mobiles which uses Windows 8.1 OS software. So this step by Microsoft states that the all existing windows mobile phone users have to upgrade their mobiles to latest Windows 10 or use the unsupported windows mobiles forever without updates.

End of Windows 10 Mobiles

On Microsoft official website they clearly mentioned that

“Microsoft will make updates available for the Operating System, including security updates, for a minimum of 36 months after the lifecycle start date. These updates will be incremental, with each update built on the update that preceded it.”

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It seems that Microsoft is planning shift operating system software to Android because as we know Android OS is the most popular all over the world when it comes to Microsoft and iOS versions we have to wait few more months to get the same Android app which is available on Google Playstore. Compared to Android and iOS operating systems, Microsoft Windows version didn’t perform well in the market and also windows didn’t capture the customer’s attention.

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If you’re thinking what might be the next smartphone from Microsoft, well officials confirmed that the next device from Microsoft will work as a computer with having abilities to use it as a smartphone too. So the next Microsoft smartphone will come with advanced computer technology and hardware configurations you can use it as just like your PC.

Microsoft has also confirmed that the next windows mobile will have an ARM-based processor which is actually used in computers, so by this statement, we can understand that Microsoft is planning to implement computer capabilities in windows mobile. Just imagine that a small pocket-sized smartphone is loaded with the ARM-based processor can do the same things just like a full windows computer.

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Let’s check out the latest news about Windows 10 mobile update shutdown, Joe Belfiore Microsoft’s corporate vice president clearly clarified that windows mobile phone user should switch to Android OS because Microsoft is planning to End of Windows 10 mobiles. If we take look at the failure of windows mobile phone the very first reason which comes to our mind is that lack of apps, however, Microsoft paid third-party companies to build apps but it didn’t work out much and users didn’t adopt the app features.

Meanwhile, there are rumors that Microsoft secretly working on a new mobile design named “Andromeda” which is going to launch next year and it will come with new “Windows Core OS” platform, so let’s see what Microsoft is planning for the next year.

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