So Christmas is right around the corner and we are already in our holiday season so why not check out some great apps for these holidays, so we have explored and chose some finest top 5 best iOS apps for the month of December which will make your Christmas more exciting and fun.

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Top 5 Best iOS Apps:


top 5 best iOS apps


1) Christmas Fun AR:

There are many Augmented reality apps on the app store but not all are great but some of them are just impressive and Christmas fun AR is one of them. Christmas fun AR is an augmented reality application that allows the user to create and decorate their own virtual Christmas tree and place in their house in the real world using one touch.

This application allows the user to deploy a realistic looking Christmass tree.This is not very realistic from close though, but when you watch it from a slight distance it looks very realistic.As that said, this is a new app and the interface is not so polished very well but it gets the job done as it is a realistic looking 3D model.

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This application is not completely free only few necessary things are free such as the Christmas tree and few decorations and if want more decorations to your Christmas tree then you can it for half a dollar.

Download it from here: Christmas Fun AR

2) Expensify:

Expensify is your best business travel app, this app helps users to keep receipts of every transaction and it acts as your virtual accountant.In this application users just have to scan their bill receipts and this app will help them to manage their spending and to keep a track of their expenses.This is an automated expense manager which gives a detailed report of all the monthly transactions done by a person, which helps the user to keep a record of his transactions automatically.

Being the hottest ios app in the Apple’s trending apps section this app has proven to make one’s life easier, this application saves time and makes accounting very easy and convenient on the go.

“A mobile app that helps you run your business”


Download it from here: Expensify

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3) Documents By Readdle:

With the update of iOS 11, Apple has brought a file manager though but it’s not great and not even close to android systems file manager, so Documents by Readdle is the app which comes handy.Documents app helps to manage your files and data in a very organised way, which is better than Apple’s file manager.

In this file manager, if you want to search photos from the particular application then there is already a folder containing photos only from that application such as Whatsapp, which is not possible on Apple’s stock file manager.Songs, Pictures, Videos, Documents, Cloud photos all things can be found in this app in a well-organised way which makes this app convenient and a must download by all iPhone and iPad users.

Download it from here: Documents By Readdle

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top 5 best iOS apps


4) Seven Minute Workout:

This is not just a fitness app like every other app this app is very special.This app lets you perform just a 7-minute workout to reach your goal in just 7 months which is one of the distinguishing features of this app.

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This is a free app which will help you reach your fitness goal in an easy and better way.All the workouts in this application are based on scientific studies to provide the maximum benefits in shortest possible time.Our team at techno now has also started using this app and this app has impressed us a lot so this app is definitely a must try.

Download it from here: Seven Minute Workout

5) Hypno:

This is the last app on the list of top 5 best iOS apps is Hypno makes videos more interesting by automatically reading videos and scripting them and adding effects, music and edits synced with beats.hypo is one and the only app which has different effects found nowhere in any other app.This app is highly meant for those who want to make their Instagram videos more stylish and fancy.

In this app, you have to record a video and then just slide right for the next filter and slide on to the right of the previous filter.There are many filters in this app which are very unique, this is kind of like prism app for videos but with better filters than it.So this makes it a must download for all Instagrammers around.

Download it from here: Hypno

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