From the second half of the 2017 year, we’ve been hearing that Google is planning to acquire HTC smartphone division to start a new hardware unit with existing employees who helped Google to build Pixel 2 Smartphone. Now it’s officially confirmed that Google agreed to buy HTC design team for $1.1 billion dollars worth deal.

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Google Bought HTC Design Team

Talking about the Google and HTC $1.1 Billion deal, Google said that they are going to acquire 2000 technical engineers, designers, and developers who helped to build Google Pixel 2 smartphone last year. According to the stats, this unit of HTC Company is one of the largest hardware sites and the Google’s deals also include a handing over a license of HTC’s intellectual property.

Some of the sources claim that HTC is giving up their majority of Research & Development units for sale, however, this doesn’t mean that HTC is no longer manufacture flagship smartphones because they are just selling their hardware units which took active participation with other smartphone manufacturers. With this step, Google now will acquire a position on top hardware designing units throughout the world.

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As we know Google was always popular for developing android operation system for their own devices and also for other smartphone manufacturers, So Google now became the one of the top hardware units with HTC $1.1 Billion dollars deal. The Google took help from HTC while designing Pixel smartphones last year and it recorded huge sales throughout the world smartphone market.

This billion dollar deal with HTC is going to play a major role in the smartphone market because Google also acquired some of HTC patens along with hardware division unit, which further helps Google to develop some amazing things. Rick Osterloh Google’s hardware chief said that the company is planning to introduce a significant number of phones within the span of five years.

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