So it’s a New Year and a fresh month so let’s make this year best starting with this month, so here are some top 5 best iOS apps for the month of January 2018 which will make this month more productive so you can get most out of it.Here we have researched and found out some hot apps you should use.

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Top 5 Best iOS Apps For iPhone And iPad


Top 5 Best iOS Apps



Now Raw+ is an amazing iOS app which lets you get manual control over the camera, all of the controls are manual you can set custom ISO, Shutter Speed, even White balance can be adjusted.In this app, you get a settings option in which you can enable certain functions such as grid, leveller and also a histogram can be seen. The most amazing feature of this app is that you get the option to choose that whether to shoot in RAW format or JPG format which is a pretty amazing thing. This app gives a lot more control to the user and more room to play with the camera and get most out of it.

Download it here: Raw+

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2.Habit Minder:

Most of the people by now have thought of doing something or have already set their goals like for some people it’s to stay fit and for some, it’s achieving some other goals here’s when Habit Minder comes in. Habit Minder helps you to achieve your goals by making a particular thing as a habit. Let’s say this new year you want to be fit then in this app just create your custom habit and write down some details and you are good to go. In this app, you can set how many days of a week you want to do a particular task and at what time, so that this will become your habit. All and all this app is a must try for everyone to achieve their goals in 2018.

Download it here: Habit Minder


Zedge is a simple wallpaper app which greets you with all kinds and all categories of wallpaper, this app has a very minimal interface just open a wallpaper and click on the save button to save it in your photo album. Even all the folks at TechnoNow also get their favourite wallpapers from this app. However this app is not completely free, there is a premium section where you can also find some great wallpapers so if you want more wallpapers then it’s just a few bucks.

Download it here: Zedge


Top 5 Best iOS Apps


4.ASICS Studio:

Here is another ios app for those whose 2018 goals are fitness related, ASICS studio is a workout app. All the workout’s here are Audio Workouts, all you need is a phone, a way to listen and a little motivation. In this app, you will find effective workouts created by professional trainers in every category. The best thing about this app is that all the audio you will hear are from professional trainers so there is no bullshit going on here. It’s like you have a personal trainer for you at home which is very convenient, so this is a must try ios app by every fitness lover.

Download it here: ASICS Studio

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5.Astro Mail:

The last App on the list of top 5 best iOS apps is Astro mail is a high-end Gmail replacement which has some amazing features such as Snooze, Send Later, Priority Inbox and more. This is better than your regular mail app even better than Google’s Gmail app. The best thing about this app is that you get a Priority Inbox feature in which you will only find your important emails which are filtered properly. There is also another section know as Others in which you will find some other useless promotional emails which is an amazing thing that this app filters all the messages and shows only important messages in one tab and other useless emails in another tab, so for this feature, this is a must download.

Download it here: Astro Mail

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