Android’s next update is always considered a big thing even when compared to that of iOS upgrades. Android 8.0 Oreo was the recent update launched by Google and as of December 2017 its still only installed on 1.5% devices, that might have changed now since the OnePlus 5, 5T, couple of Honor devices received the update recently.Now Let’s have a look at Android P Full Form and Google I/O Expected Date.

Google loves holding annual developers conference and the best part of the Google I/O is that we the people get to know what we can see and what we should expect from Android next.

This conference is held to give a heads up to the developers in order to gear up for their apps and for the features it’s gonna release.

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Google I/O:

Last year, Google already unveiled the Android 8.0 at the I/O and also the developer preview came along with it and hence the developers got to mess around with the Android O preview for almost 2 months. The Google I/O is reportedly being held on May 8, 2018.

If things go exactly like last year we may as well see the Android P developer preview. The Android P will most likely be available for developers to try their hands in the following months.

Android P Full Form :

You might be wondering what’s the next version gonna be named, well, we are sailing in the same boat, we somehow managed to cut it down to two options. Pie and Peppermint. Recently, a very renowned tech reviewer on YouTube received a package from Google which consisted of a Google Home Mini and a Max and mysteriously a pack of candies, it wasn’t any candy but the peppermint candy and hence we suspect that the next Android maybe named after that, and for pie, well its obvious.

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Is The Pixel 3 Coming Soon?

If somehow we get to experience the Android P there may be something cooking up behind Google that’s because we might as well see an early launch of the Pixel 3 or the Pixel XL 3.

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Although, not many devices have received the Oreo update so we guess Android P won’t be out anytime soon it’s better to wait for the Google I/O rather than making up news.

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