Huawei P20 Smartphone

Huawei’s upcoming flagship smartphone is likely to be launched officially on March 27th and it is called Huawei P20 smartphone. Huawei sent event invitations to tech magazines and other internet-based blogs which is likely to take place in Paris on March 27th. However we’ve expected that Huawei will launch their upcoming flagship smartphones at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018 in Barcelona, but it seems that Huawei is planning to host their own event to unveil their upcoming smartphone models.

Design And Display

As we can see from the leaked render of Huawei P20 smartphone, it clearly reminds us the similar design of iPhone X smartphone because it features a glass back and metal frame builds same as Apple iPhone X device.

Looking at the front design of Huawei P20 device there are tiny bezels spaces at the top and bottom of the model along with edge-to-edge to display, we can observe that there is a dedicated home button is provided at the bottom of Huawei P20 smartphone. The home button also works as unlocking the device, because it has fingerprint sensor technology included in the home button.

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Huawei P20 Camera

Coming to the Huawei P20 leaked renders of rear side apparently shows that it has 3 camera lenses place in a vertical position along with a LED flashlight feature. Some of the rumors also claim that the Huawei P20 comes with a 40MP camera lens on rear sides which are made in partnership with Lecia again.

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Here is the leaked information about Huawei P20 camera on Twitter, which clearly states that P20 smartphone sports a 40MP camera lens each has a capability of 5x hybrid zoom and on the front, it has a 24MP front camera to capture great selfies.

Face ID

As we know recently Apple came up with a new way of unlocking smartphone with Face ID in iPhone X which recognizes face patterns for unlocking the device, so to follow the trend it is rumored that Huawei also introducing advanced Face ID technology in upcoming Huawei P20 smartphone.

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Talking about the Huawei P20 power features, it is rumored that it comes with the latest version of Kirin 970 processor which is integrated with an 8GB RAM that enables a lag-free mobile performance and you don’t feel any reduced hardware performance while watching 4K videos and also while playing heavy graphical games.

Huawei Voice Assistant

Along with the above features, the all-new Huawei P20 smartphone might also have the following cool features. We’re expecting that Huawei P20 will have voice assistant feature because the previous models of Huawei include an Amazon Alexa in Mate 9 model and currently Huawei stopped using Google assistant feature in all variants.

Better Battery

The previous model from Huawei P-series doesn’t impress much with battery charging capacity, so we’re very much interested to see a long-lasting power capability in upcoming Huawei P20 smartphone.


Till now there isn’t any news about Huawei P20 price and availability but comparing with its preceding variant which was priced around $700 dollars, so the upcoming Huawei P20 smartphone is going to be price a bit more than its predecessor in between $750 to $850.

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