As we know most of the popular flagship smartphones are now featuring Dual-Rear Camera sensors on their latest models but this feature is only limited to high-end smartphones. For an instance what if this feature will available for budget smartphones? That would change the entire smartphone market throughout the world.Samsung making this happen truly with their new advanced algorithms which makes compatible with New ISOCELL Dual Camera Sensors and enables them to deliver an optimized bokeh effect and low-light image capturing highlights for budget smartphones.

The new software algorithm from Samsung is going to combine the New ISOCELL Dual image sensors and Samsung’s software makes it enable the same image capturing the experience on both mid-range & entry-level smartphones.

New ISOCELL Dual-Image Sensors

Recently Samsung launched Galaxy J7+ smartphone which is first mid-range mobile from the Samsung that features a Dual-Rear Camera lens and with the new development from the company is going to continue the same dual lens trend in upcoming smartphone also.

With the help of Samsung’s latest sensor optimization algorithm will help to refocus the Dual-Camera Setup that features 13-Mega Pixel and 5-Mega Pixel image sensors and optimizes them to deliver same Dual-Rear Camera experience. The low-light advancement will be achieved with the help of optimizing and re-adjusting the front & rear camera lenses according to the natural lighting conditions.

In a press statement Ben K. Hur, Vice President of System LSI Marketing said that the “Samsung’s total solution for New ISOCELL Dual will make our customers’ product development easier, allowing them to bring the most optimized dual camera features to a wider range of consumers”

Samsung is planning to focus more on mid-range smartphones rather than the top-end flagship smartphones because there is a tough competition from other manufacturers, so recently Samsung introduced Exynos 5 Series 7872 chipsets which is specially designed for low-priced handsets and there will be no change the mobile performance.

Samsung has introduced first  ISOCELL Dual image sensor technology at MWC 2017 event which was held in Shanghai and it created a huge market for Samsung devices. Along with optimized New ISOCELL imaging sensors, Samsung has also been working on low-priced processors, DRAM and flash storages.

However, it is unclear about which smartphones are going to feature these configurations and we have to wait for few more months for the mid-range smartphones that sports a Dual-Camera Lens to hit the worldwide smartphone markets. If this happens it’ll surely change the user perceptions about the mid-range smartphone configurations and no longer top-end features far from us with the help of Samsung’s new development in mid-range smartphone hardware.


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