With millions of apps on Playstore, an average user may find it daunting to find out the best apps for himself. Even if he finds a great app it might have taken hours to find it. But now we have explored the Playstore and found out the top 5 best android apps for the month of February 2018. All the applications on this list are not in any particular order.

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Top 5 Best Android Apps

Best Android Apps

1.Onetap Glitch:

Onetap Glitch is an amazing application which makes your pictures look like a glitch art with just one tap. This app also has a great photo editor in it and in which you get tools such as RGB shift, the random speed of glitch effect and more such options. In this app, you also get some glitch filters and all of the filters in this app are really great. Creating a glitch effect on a picture is the only thing which this app does but the results you get are insane. The glitch effect created by this app is really good and almost beats the other professional editing software such as Photoshop.

Download it here: OneTap Glitch

2.Hex Shaders:

Now Hex Shaders is a beautiful live wallpaper app. In this app users can find some amazing shaders, if a user likes one of the live wallpaper then he can either directly apply it or customize it further by playing with some settings while setting it up. There are limited wallpapers in this app but all of them are really beautiful. So guys definitely try out this app.

Download it here: Hex Shaders

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3.Selfie Flash:

Selfie flash is a new application which helps you to take bright and beautiful selfie photos in dark by displaying a white ring like overlay which helps you to get a flash on the front camera of any device.  This app uses your screen as a front-facing flash which is similar to iPhone’s front flash effect. With this app, you not only get a flashlight in just this app but you can also use this front flash in third-party apps as well such as Snapchat, Instagram as it creates an overlay of this small overlay white ring which you minimise when you are not using it. All and all this app is a must try for all the selfie lovers.

Download it here: Selfie Flash

Best Android Apps


Thrive is an app which helps you to control your phone addiction. With this app, you can set boundaries and limit yourself from using any particular app. All you need to do is just open this app and set a timer for all the apps you want to limit. Thrive also blocks notifications, calls and texts but you can create a custom VIP list so that the calls, texts and notifications from the most important people are still active. This app also has an auto-reply feature which lets others know that you are not using your phone at that moment. With all these great features this app is really good for all those you are addicted to there smartphones.

Download it here: THRIVE

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Feedster app mixes up all of your social media feeds in one app. In this app, you can read tweets, news and all other feeds in one app. The best part is that this app does not show feeds you have already read. This app has a convenient and intuitive interface which helps you to comfortably use this app. You just need to open the app and sign in to your account and you are good to go. This app is from one of the best android apps which we have tested.

Download it here: Feedster

Picture Source: android.com



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