Google has released the first Android P Developer Preview which can be installed on few devices. From the last couple of years, Google is releasing Android developer preview for their next version usually in March and this time also they did the same with Android P.

This developer preview will be unstable and is only meant for developers, so don’t install it on your everyday smartphone.In case you want to take the risk and want to check out Android P Developer Preview go to and you need to manually flash it on your device.

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Android P Developer Preview Changes And Features

Display Cutout Support:

There are over plenty of new features found on Android P and from it one of the most talked about feature is the built-in support for notch cutting at the top of the display. Here you can customise the notch on your smartphone which supports Android P and for now developers will be testing this feature with their full-screen apps.

Design Overhaul And Smart Reply:

Another significant update they did is in the Quick Settings panel and also in the notification drawer has a refreshed design. This new look for notifications also has a new look for the notifications from the messaging apps. Due to this, apps will be getting a “Smart replies’ feature as well.

There will an option where you can send a direct message to the person who messaged you earlier without going into the app, there will be a default text written which you can send with just one tap.

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Some Other Changes For Developers

Built-in Support For HDR VP9 And HEIF

Just like iOS with its HEIF/HEVC, Android is too focusing on different image codec support with supporting HDR VP9 and HEIF for enhancing the media APIs and also to save some storage.

Multi-Camera API

Android P Developer Preview has a support for multi-camera API so that an app can individually request the data from more than one camera lens at one time.

Better Autofill

With Android P Developer Preview users will be able to autofill data easily. Users who use Autofill for their passwords and from even third-party apps they can get better autofill in them.

Power Efficiency Changes And Job Scheduler

There are several changes to the bits that control the power efficiency process on Android including Standby, Background limits, Doze. In Android P the Job scheduler is also smarter and now understands the device network state and apps network requests.

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Other than this there are some other changes such as some new ringtones so that users can feel their devices new, restricted access to selected non-SDK interfaces, fingerprint dialogue etc.

Devices Which Support Android P

The Google Pixel, Pixel Xl, Pixel 2, Pixel 2XL will get the Android P developer preview for now. Sadly there is no support for all old Nexus devices. Therefore if you own a Nexus 5X or Nexus 6P, there will be no updates for your device from, those devices will be supported till Android Oreo 8.0. But Google will be providing security updates to those Nexus devices.

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