Well, for now, Face unlock is what every smartphone is adopting these days which originally started from iPhone X and now we see it on every other smartphone. But Iris scanning was also introduced by Samsung even before when Face Unlock was a thing, but why it was not adopted by other smartphones? Well, it’s due to the Android version. Past all the Android versions were not optimized for iris scanning technology but now there have been commits which prove that the next Android version which it the Android P may natively support Iris scanning.

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There have not been many smartphones which supported Iris scanning feature, in fact, the majority of which do are from Samsung. However, there is also an obscure smartphone which is named as BitValue which is basically a smartphone targeted to cryptocurrency enthusiast, which has a software for touchless biometrics. The phone is said to have an Iris scanning technology which is not a surprise as it is a crypto device. FPC ACTIVE IRIS is the chip which powers this smartphones Iris scanning technology.

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Next Android version may enable other smartphone companies to integrate Iris scanning biometric to their smartphones. According to sources, there have been many commits submitted to Android Open Source Project(AOSP) and it also includes one commit related to iris identification as a biometric security. The commits found the inclusion of HAL interface which eventually will standardize how Android framework will integrate with iris scanners. This clearly means that other manufacturers will be able to function iris scanning on their smartphones.

There is another code found which adds support for its keyguard. This iris scanning can be disabled according to the Device Policy Manager if he doesn’t want to use it. But this is likely to happen because it is not yet confirmed, the commits haven’t been merged yet.

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We will come to know about this later this year as Google will unveil Android P at Google I/O 2018 event which is set to occur this year on 8th of May.

Source: xda-developers.com

Picture Source: news.samsung.com




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