AirPods were first unveiled in 2016 and since then it has created some hype. Even though they resemble the wired earphones from Apple, the AirPods pack in some cool and amazing features which every consumer appreciates. The AirPods support Bluetooth 4.0 and pairs easily with every device out there which supports Bluetooth.Now there are rumors all over the internet that Apple AirPods 2 Coming in early 2019.

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Rumors In-Depth About AirPods 2

Rumors are that Apple has been working on the successor to the AirPods, the AirPods 2, reportedly, the earbuds might have hands-free Siri support along with noise cancellation.

It’s said that the AirPods will undergo major improvements in every aspect of the device including the noise cancellation and according to the reports, it’ll house the custom W2 chipset for faster Bluetooth pairing.

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Also, the noise cancellation improvements will be using a physical analog method which was first experienced in the latest selling from Beats studios.

Barclays analyst suggests that the company will focus more on the AirPods and will thereby increase the production of the same. The sales of the AirPods are expected to touch the sky with almost 30 million units are expected to be sold in the year 2018.

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With the announcement from Apple clearing out the air on the topic of wireless charging people seem to be more relieved, the new AirPods case will reportedly feature wireless charging alongside the Airpower Mat, which still remains a mystery since there are no details about the same and since Apple has promised we’ll be getting a closer look at it in this year its most likely to be unveiled September.

The W2 chip has proved itself promising and was first introduced alongside Apple Watch Series 3. The AirPods 2 is expected to come alongside the cheaper version of Homepod of and when it gets a firmware update wherein the Homepod includes support for all Bluetooth devices.

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The Homepod is expected to receive an update later this year and a cheaper model might be introduced to the line as mentioned earlier. Any news on the launch has not yet clear and the same goes for the Homepod.


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