There was a rumor surfaced earlier on the Internet that Samsung’s next flagship the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 would be having an in-display fingerprint sensor, but a recent report suggests that there will not be any sort of in-display fingerprint technology on the Galaxy Note 9.

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According to a research analyst named Ming-Chi Kuo at KGI Securities, there are many technical issues with the Galaxy Note 9 due which it will become impossible for Samsung to integrate an in-display sensor on the smartphone.

“While we previously predicted that Samsung’s new flagship the Galaxy Note 9, due out in the third quarter of 2018, will come equipped with an under-display fingerprint recognition function, we now believe Samsung will cancel this feature on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphone because both of the ultrasonic and optical sensors (provided by Samsung LSI, Goodix, Egis, and Synaptics) solutions cannot meet Samsung’s technical requirements”.

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Ming-Chi Kuo stated that under-display or In-display technology will not be integrated on the smartphone due to an issue surrounding the use of screen protectors as well as different environment affecting the recognition through the screen protector.

Previous reports suggested that Samsung has not integrated an in-display fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy S9 and S9+ smartphone due similar technical issues. So Samsung positioned the fingerprint scanner of the Galaxy S9 on the back of it, just like the Galaxy S8. Now it is unclear that what Samsung will do with the Galaxy Note 8 smartphone.

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However kuo also stated that,

“We recognize that under-display fingerprint recognition is key for full-screen design phones, and we don’t think that facial recognition can fully replace the fingerprint recognition. For these, we reason we remain positive on this technology over the long term. Also, as under-display fingerprint recognition module has a unit price 4-6 times than that of capacitive fingerprint recognition module(or higher), we think that once the former module goes into mass production, the contribution to suppliers sales and profits will be significant”.

Not only Samsung but Apple also did omit an in-display fingerprint on its flagship iPhone X, which was rumored and debated earlier to have that feature. But the reason for this was different, Apple hardware engineer chief Dan Riccio suggested that the in-display fingerprint technology was ditched on the iPhone X due to its early launch in September which made Apple hard to integrate that technology. However, now Apple is doing well with its FaceID feature which every other smartphone is adopting these days.

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But for now, talking about Samsung, it will make the Galaxy Note 9 more or less similar to the Galaxy S9  if it will ditch the under-display fingerprint technology as it was said to be its breakthrough feature.


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