As promised we are back with another list of top apps and this around we have handpicked some of the best Android apps. So today we are showcasing the Top 5 Best Free Android Apps for March 2018.

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Best Free Android Apps:

Best Free Android Apps


There are lots of apps and games on Playstore which cost a hell of a lot but you still want them, here is where FreeAppsNow comes in. With the help of this app users can install paid apps and games for free legally. What this app basically does is that whenever an app or game is free or at a discounted price on Playstore, this app creates a list of all the free and discounted apps so that you will easily install the app without paying for it. However all of the apps of your liking are not always free, but there are many other apps which you can download.

Download it Here: FreeAppsNow

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Have you ever seen those stills on Instagram or Facebook where one part of that picture is in motion and another part is still, well those amazing looking motion stills can be created using this app. So Flapix is a pro-level application which is used by top photographers to make their Instagram game strong. So opening this app you have to shoot a short video or choose a video from the library and then you have to get a brush and doodle around the area which you need in motion and then adjust few setting and you are good to go.

Download it here: Flapix


Fyuse is a not a new app on the Playstore but it is what we feel the most underrated app because this app has so much of potential and can be used to cherish our day-to-day memories. This app lets you take 3D photos on your Android smartphone. Just open the app and we can start shooting our own 3D stills or we can even watch others 3D photos. This is not just a shoot and share photo app here there is a whole community of people sharing 3D photos from different parts of the world which you can like or even save it as your wallpaper. So if you want some creative pictures of yourself definitely try out this app.

Download it here: Fyuse

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Best Free Android Apps


The drop is a language learning application where you can learn 28 different languages in a very minimal way. After opening the app you will be greeted by a beautiful and minimal interface. You need to choose your native language and then the language you want to learn. The best part is that this app gives you 5 minutes to learn new words which helps you to learn your favorite language with ease.

Download it Here: Drop

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Last One on the list of Best Free Android Apps for March 2018, If you have a problem with the range of your wifi signal, this application will help you out. Anyfi is an application which creates a mesh network from phone to phone so that even if you are on the ground floor of your house you will be able to receive range from the wifi router from the top floor. For this to work, you just need another smartphone so that with the help of it you can create a mesh network. This app also shows you some of the stats of your wifi router. So all and all this app is one of the most useful apps which you can install on your Android smartphone, so go ahead and try it out.

Download it Here: Anyfi

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